Monday, April 30, 2007


Just got these ready to sell they look great with Punk Junky. I will get pics of Amandas 2nd pair of socks soon.

She finished, and started more

I am truly impressed with Amanda, she not only finished her hubby's socks but started on her mother-in-laws. She is using a pattern from , RPM is the name of the pattern and when I ever learn how to link to it I will come back and do it. I meant to take a picture yesterday and forgot all about it. Get one soon. Instead of a standard heel she did a short row heel turn and I am very very impressed, I mean really this is her second project.
On the yarn front we have 2 more to list and I hope to get them re-skeined today and posted. Hopefully we will be getting a new order of yarn in with some new colors. Think we will start doing several skeins of each colorway.
Everything is going pretty well just been so busy that neither of us have had time to post, hopefully just a short pause in activity on here. I will post pictures soon. -Stacy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Are We There Yet?

Okay, so I'm almost done with my first pair of socks. They're so much work! I'm about halfway done with the second sock, actually. If my husband's feet weren't so freakin' long, I'd be done already. It took me like a week to make the first sock, and I've got halfway on the second in a day and a half. I guess I'm getting faster. I'm trying to get it over with. And then I get to make some pretty socks! So enough about socks, more about me. We got another dog. He's a basset hound, and he's the most stupid dog I have ever seen. Of course, our black lab only makes him look dumber. Every time we take them for a walk out back, he rolls in cow poo. (yes, we have cows behind our house -- we live in Oklahoma.) Sweetie (the lab) just eats it. I know it's sad when the most exciting part of your life involves cow poo. That's what those socks remind me of. Well, back to knitting the icky socks for me. It's like work or something.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Going, going, gone...

Well Fishnets went so fast! Guess it's one we will have to do again. Wow I am so happy, it's great when someone appreciates your creativity. We will be busy again this week with more new colors and probably some more of the ones that are already gone. WoooHoooo Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! -Stacy

Fishnets...what do you think.

I think I love it!!! I don't really think the pic does this yarn justice, it is a perfect black with tons of hot pink spots. Can you imagine the socks made of this?? We used a completely different process to make this one, a little more time consuming but I think it was worth it.
Well after my whining last night..... we sold 3 skeins this morning. I will not get discouraged, I will not get discouraged, I will not get discouraged. I promise to be better. I have to admit I was very happy and the buyer will love these, they all go together so very very well. I would love to see what they become.
I also want to say to anybody who might want more yardage then what is currently available, we can make more and in the same colorway. Thanks to Amanda's attention to detail and fantastic notes which include all measurements we can get incredibly close to duplicating each skein. We can get as close as any hand painted yarn could be. Thank Heaven for Amanda and her OCD, if it where up my memory alone we would be in a lot of trouble.
Looking forward to our next set of colors , any requests??? -Stacy

Friday, April 20, 2007

Green, Green and Green

I am not going to post the pics of our new Green colors because you can already see them on the mini-etsy. BUT tomorrow is another thing we have a new skein that is drying right now and is going to take a little de-tangleing but when you see it........WOW..... it is totally unique. We have another that is the same colors 'Boa' but this one is very different. We did it completely different from start to finish, it took a lot more work but I think it was worth it. I hope you all feel the same way.
Started to feel a little discouraged about selling the yarn. First day we posted our yarns on Etsy we sold 2 skeins in the first 20min then didn't sell anymore till 4 days later and they sold to the same buyer. I know that is great to have somebody become a repeat customer that quickly but I sure wish we had sold more by now. I know that they are great, very different from anything else I have seen and the quality is wonderful. So I guess I am just a little concerned that we aren't getting the exposure that we need, and I just don't know what to do but wait and see what will happen. You never know maybe tomorrow a store will e-mail saying they need 100 skeins asap........It could happen :) - Stacy

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What a day!

I woke up this morning with my arthritis kicking up a little bit but had some more yarn to dye. We finally got started and dyed a few skeins with some new colors and they actually turned out pretty nice. They are sure enough loud and eye catchers, too. Now all we have to do with these is to think up some descriptive names.

We have been kicking around some thoughts on other possible color combinations that will look great when knitted into socks. We have come up with a few pretty good ideas, so "keep watching boys and girls, same knit-time, same knit-station". -stacy

Monday, April 16, 2007

Yarn Glorious Yarn

Thought I would post some pics, lots of yarn. Let us know what ya think! -Stacy

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sock On

Yeah, so I'm over halfway done with my first sock so far. I really thought I'd screw it up more, so I used some not-so-pretty yarn that Stacy had lying around. The biggest thing I did was start knitting it inside out. But it was ribbed, so it ended up looking the same. I flipped it and started working it right. I guess it happens when you teach yourself out of a book. I need more pictures. It's scary, but it looks like a sock so far, so I assume it'll be all right when I'm done. Other than that, nothing much else is going on. My hands look like crap. We dyed like 7 skeins yesterday. If I wear gloves, I mess up the yarn; so I don't, and I dye my hands in the process. Maybe it would help if I painted my nails. Black will cover up anything. It's a good thing I can pull it off. Anyway, I need to get back to the icky socks. I dyed one skein for my mother-in-law yesterday, so I can start on hers once I get the next sock done. They'll be awesome: red, vermillion, and black. I dyed them and then faded all the colors into each other. I'm surprised how good it looks. Of course, I might keep them for myself. But for now, it's all about the bigfoot socks. Here we go again. -- Amanda

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We can dye forever now!

We both decided to take this thing we are doing slowly, and then it took off without us. Zoom it was gone way ahead of what we were ready for. Now we are almost ready, the dye came yesterday and a larger shipment of yarn should be here today. So tomorrow we may actually get to get some new stuff up a moving again. I am really looking forward to get some more stuff done its always a little of a surprise to see what we get.
We also have a real challenge, a colorway has been requested that is going to be really difficult. It's a ecru, beige, and almost peach, i stress the almost. Absolutely no orange or pink but a beige/peach color. I am not sure exactly how we will do it but i do have faith we will get it done.
Think we will probably do another 'Shock-rocker" and "Gothique" they were talked about a lot and I know they both are going to be very popular. We also have some great ideas that should really be interesting and exciting! Please stay tuned for the great new pics. - Stacy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Pic of Roxanne

Couldn't help but post a nice picture of "Roxanne in Lace"

By Request

"Roxanne in Lace"

I am so excited about this colorway, it is amazing and that is what is frustrating me about the pics, they suck. Trust me it is beautiful! I love the allure, seduction, uhhhhhhh passion of red and black. This is 100% Merino wool, lace wt. 880yds hand wash. OK but it was a blast to dye black fading to a bright but deep red, just wonderful and I have never seen a lace wt. this saturated with color. When I get a better picture I will put it up on Etsy but for those of you watching the blog you get the 1st look and if anyone is interested in it yell quick before I change my mind and keep it. When I walk into a yarn store this is the color that screams at me I will always want to touch it and take it home. I am so in love with this color!
On the knitting front, I am maybe 7, 31st rows short of finishing a lace scarf for a friend and I am running out of her hand spun yarn she made, uhhhhhhh! I am going to call and see if she may have just a little bit more. Think I may go and knit with a friend for a while today and get my nails done doesn't that sound like a perfect day. Well I hope you all enjoy this yarn as much as I do. - Stacy
Oh and Amanda is doing awesome on her first pair of socks, she is a very tight knitter and they look fantastic when I last saw them she had about 1in. of ribbing done. Can't believe how fast she is picking it up.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Off the needles

Amanda is just beginning her knitting career but I on the other hand have been knitting for quite a while. My best and proudest finished project is the "Little red hoodie" in the 'Domiknitrix' book by Jennifer Stafford. I love that book, it is so very inspiring, so inspiring that I used my own handspun yarn to knit the hoodie. It took me about 4 days of non-stop spinning and then a month of knitting. I love it, when I get a good pic of it I will post. Right now my hoodie is laid out drying since I washed it this weekend because it was stinking. So I thought I should post a pic of some of my finished projects, just so there is proof I really am a knitter. Don't you just love the "Mud Flap Sweater" from Stitch and Bitch. Anyway that's just what i have kept, I've given a lot more away. Well we are off to the Post office to mail our yarns off to their new homes. Enjoy! -Stacy

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Our First Sale

Amanda and Shock-Rocker, on its way to Cali.

Stacy and Can-Can, our first sale on Etsy.

We had to censor our yarns with labels; local law enforcement had an issue with our nudist yarn colony.

Things are starting to look up in this yarn business thing. Before we even had an ETSY account, we got an email from a guy in California wanting to buy a skein of Shock-Rocker. (Thanks, John!!) So we decided to try this out and put a few skeins online. It worked! Within 20 minutes, 2 of the 4 skeins were sold! Now it's all about waiting. We had to order more yarn and more dye, and they won't be here for a few days. So now we're stuck with nothing to do between now and then. I guess it's finally time for me to learn how to knit socks. I got the first part down within an hour or so. Working in a circle isn't quite as impossible as it looks. But the heel thing scares me. But if I'm gonna sell sock yarn, I should know how to use it, right? I've decided to make the first pair out of someone else's ugly sock yarn, because they'll probably look bad anyway. Then I'll make a pair for myself. Then one for my mother-in-law. Maybe she'll have them in time for Christmas. (I'm also an avid procrastinator.) Maybe I'll give the first pair to my husband -- he won't care if they're ugly. Well, here goes nothing....
-- Amanda

Thursday, April 5, 2007

In Memory

The knitting and fiber arts have lost an amazing women today, Bette Hossenlopp of Bartlesville OK. She was an inspiration and a true gem, and selfless woman of incredible talent. Although I only knew her for about 8 months she inspired and encouraged me to do more, speak up and have the guts to do what I want. I only hope that one day I will be the kind of woman I saw in her, outspoken, frank, to the point, and caring all at the same time. She was a women who overcame incredible odds to be an artist, although she was born blind she did gain some sight throughout her life and was able to spin and knit beautifully while still legally blind. Like many of us she had an incredible stash of very beautiful fibers, and knew exactly what they where good for, she could tell you anything about any fiber and why you would or wouldn't want to use it for any given project. Obvious to anyone who spoke with her she adored her family, she had daughters and grandchildren who she spoke of with such love. One of the most impressive projects she did in her life was a crocheted wedding gown for her daughter, she told me she hated to crochet and that this was a project made out of love. A Wedding Gown can you imagine and it was floor length, it amazed me. Well truly Bette amazed me.
I will miss you

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What are we doing?

It's Amanda!! I'm sure you couldn't wait to hear from me again -- all six of you! Haha! So here's what's up: my nerdy ass has been trying to come up with new names and color ways that normal people might actually like. It's hard. I'm either too hardcore or too obvious. We basically have two lines in mind: Stacy's will be a very sexy, hopefully not too tacky side; mine will be a punk/rock/goth, hopefully not too evil side. That's why it's called Tempted. It works for both of us. It just goes to show you that, no matter how OCD I am, I'm not a tight-ass. (In fact, it's actually quite large.) Anyway, we hope to have some amazing new colors to show you soon. Until then, you can always keep reading the same posts over and over. It won't hurt my feelings a bit. Ooh! Just got a new idea! Gotta go write it down before I forget another one.... it sucks when you lose them!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

2 more, and I love them



I am truly enjoying the creativity of painting yarn, and it is so much fun to knit the little socks. I hope that these will get a response from anybody. Please let me know what you think of them.
I want to sincerely thank the Bartlesville Knitting Guild and especially Dell for all the encouragement in our new hand painted yarn endeavor. You have been so very encouraging and so much so that I think maybe it will work. Thank you. Stacy

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tiny Socks

I have loved knitting these tiny socks, its only taking me about 45min to knit each one. I think I will send a tiny sock with each order of yarn. Stacy

2 more

"Cell Block D"

We got 2 more done and I think they turned out ok. The first is called Cell Block D, the second is called Can-Can. It was very interesting making it really didn't know what it would be like. When we finally saw the finished product it reminded us of some of the Can-Can dresses in 'Moulin Rouge" so that is what we named it. We would love to get any feedback on what you think of them all.