Monday, June 25, 2007

No more yarn.....for a little while

Lace Under Covers
Ruffles in Lace
Guerrilla Grrl Sock Yarn

We dyed the last of the yarn we had and decided to play a little. We had been planning of doing these colors for a while and finally got to do it. Hope you all like them. 2 are Lace wt. and 1 is sock wt. Enjoy! Stacy

Saturday, June 23, 2007

All is well

For all of you who may have been worried about the plight that I described in the previous post need not concern yourselves anymore. Just a quick note to say we believe we have solved our supply issues. We also have had a wonderful and large order for our yarn we are very very excited about. Any of you who have found us through Loops will be happy to know that hopefully if all goes as planned they will have plenty of our yarns and a few never before seen colorways by the end of July (fingers crossed) . Just a quick update, will let you know when we have finalized all our big plans. Thank you all for all your support and the kind words don't think we could have done it without it.
-Stacy and Amanda

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Wits End

I am about to lose it! We are at a stop and can do nothing about it, having been unable to get any more of our base yarn. It is on back order and though I have searched and searched for another supplier I am at a loss. We have orders waiting and can do nothing but twiddle our thumbs and worry about losing a business that has just begun to take off. Any suggestions on alternatives are always welcome. I am very very proud that our yarns have been as popular as they have been. We are down to only 4 skeins left here and to be honest I am not sure how many are left at Loops. We have so many great ideas and colors floating around just waiting for the yarn to be realized. Next Monday we are planning to dye 4 skeins of lace wt yarn and the final undyed skein of sock yarn. Been debating the colors we will be using, any suggestions of what you all would like to see are very welcome.

Well actually we haven't been twiddling our thumbs at all, we have been out in our garden gathering veggies and in the kitchen cooking them. The most wonderful pot of stew I have ever tasted, fresh carrots, green beans, sweet peas, and onions all from our first garden. Amanda made some fried green tomatoes and they were absolutely delicious. I am sure we have many more harvest days ahead. Doesn't it look beautiful, amazing how proud we both were and excited with each item put in the bowls.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Aren't these cool, no pattern just pretty spring colors. They are a gift for a very good friend of ours. She liked them too!
Now this is beautiful......the order for Loops. We delivered it on Wed. so they ought to be available at the store anytime now. Some great new colors mixed in there. The pics online never do them justice, so please go check them out, let them know we sent ya!
This is "Thigh Highs" knitted, well at least started. They look so cool, and "Fishnets" have the same look with Hot Pink speckles, but they are exculsive at Loops so go check them out!
If you have read our blog lately you read about our problems with 4 skeins that where supposed to be "Shock Rocker". This is the mistake, looks awesome too don't you think? Guess there is no such thing as a big mistake when dyeing yarn, just a new colorway.

I got to go spend a day with a good friend this week just sitting on her back porch, knitting, and watching kids and puppies play. It was a wonderful way to spend the day, wish I could do that all the time. What is it about life that I always get to busy and have to many things to get done that I don't get to just enjoy spending good times with good friends. Someday I will figure out how to get everything done and still get to enjoy the little wonderful moments in life.

My baby is off in Tenn. and Em if you happen to log on here and read this I love you so much and am thinking of you all the time, have a great time! I Love you and we all miss you!

Sorry for the delay in posting we have both been so very very busy, and then we have also had some Internet problems, storms and loss of power issues. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Would love to see what you guys are out there doin'.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Best Socks Ever

If you were wondering about my awesomely cool Punk-Junkie socks, they were finished on Sunday. Francis had her birthday today, and I got to give her the brightest socks I've ever seen. She loved them -- I could tell by the smile on her face. I'm even going to make a pattern based on what I did for her.
It all started when I brought them to the nursing home to see how long I needed to make the foot. I started talking to her hospice nurse, and she mentioned making them toeless. That would make it easier for the nurse to do her treatments, because her toes have a tendency to break down. (Francis had a stroke about five years ago, and is still paralyzed on her left side. She can't move her right side very well, either, so she stays in bed most of the time. That's what causes her pressure sores.) Well, I've been visiting Francis twice a week for over a year now, and I know she doesn't like her toes to be cold. So I made up a compromise. I knitted her some socks that could be worn with or without the toe. This way, her feet won't have to be cold if her toes need to be uncovered, and the nurses have easy access to do her treatments. They're perfect for nursing homes. Come to think of it, they're good for pedicures, too. I painted her toenails the other day, and I wouldn't have had to take her socks off if she had these on. If she could talk, I'm sure she would've said they were the best socks ever. She's sweet like that.
So the next time y'all go see your relatives in the nursing home, you should give them a pair of socks like these. I've worked in healthcare for 3 years now, and I know they'd love 'em. I'll have the pattern ready soon, along with a picture.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


I had the great pleasure of getting to take a road trip to the beautiful city of Ft Smith this last Friday. Recently I made a new friend and she, her daughter and mine all made the 2 hour trip to visit the newest yarn and fiber store in the area Stringtown and its very kind and helpful owner Elabeth. We had a wonderful time, both my friend and I bought the Jordana Paige Knitters Purse in Red, I already had the brown one. Elabeth was incredibly kind and the store is very comfortable, felt right at home the moment I walked in. She has done a wonderful job picking out her yarns there was a wide variety of type, colors and styles. The store is in the a very old fashioned and historic district, not knowing much about Ft. Smith I don't really know if it has a particular name. I just loved the store and I think it was definitely worth the trip, I encourage you all on your summer road trips to put it on your list of knitting stores to visit. Tell Elabeth that Stacy says HI!
Been very very busy getting all the yarn dyed and labels made and put on the yarn that will be delivered to Loops later this week. We had a minor fiasco with one of our colors and had to redo them. Very disappointing but our husbands are pleased as each of them will end up with new socks. It is our most specific colorway called "Shock-Rocker" it is red and black with white spots, except there where no white spots so it was not what we wanted at all. Everything else turned out fine and as of today all the dyeing is done and now all that is left is labeling, not to bad.
Thanks again to all those who participated in our "Name that Yarn" contest, it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The winner is.....

We had an amazing and we mean amazing response to this contest. It was a very very difficult decision, there where many very impressive and creative names submitted. Eventually we had to narrow it down to..........
.......................Koi in a Blender.............................
We will get it shipped out to the winner on Monday.
Thank you all for your entries, we had so much fun with this! May have to do it again sometime.

We have been so very busy getting the order ready for Loops a yarn store. When we take her, the order for the store some of our colorways will not be available at our Etsy store anymore. There are of course some that she didn't want at this time and they will still be available directly thru Etsy. Hope you are all have a great weekend, knitting and just being happy. If there are any of our previous customers that would send us pics of what you may have done with your yarn we would love to see them.
Again thank you all for participating in the contest. Amanda and Stacy