Monday, September 24, 2007

How Cool Is this/Grateful

This picture was taken on my back deck yesterday evening. Isn't it just beautiful, I love living out here.

Here I am a beautiful fall morning, still warm but fall none the less, I love Fall. The cattle are all grazing out the back window, a brand new little black calf sleeping while its mother grazes. So peaceful and calming. Sipping on a Vanilla Latte, dyeing yarn and listening to a pretty good book. I ought to be at peace too. Truly this is like heaven, right here in NE Oklahoma. What a deal huh. LOL Ok peace is over and I have things to do and places to be.

Checking every once in a while to see if anyone loves me on Ravelry/email/blog. I am anticipating Yarn School and with that looming so near my mind seems to be in chaos. Constantly running in circles, get the October sock club order ready for Loops, make sure every ones clothes are clean, meds ready, grocery store run, oh oh oh I know I am forgetting more then I am remembering!!! I am trying so hard to be organized, and I am not good at it AT ALL! Well I think I will do a little re-skeining (a lot really) and listen quietly to my book and just be grateful.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I LOVE Knitting T-shirts

I thought after all the fuss over my new T-shirt I would share pics of all my other T-shirts. I really do love them they are just a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2 degrees of seperation and the now infamous t-shirt

Ok ok I know just about everybody in the World (well yarn world) is tracking the progress of the Yarn Harlot and since her mention of Lime & Violet and Violets mention of Tempted, that means (I think) I am only 2 degrees separated from the Harlot. Which makes me a jr, jr Yarn Whore. Is that not absolutely the Coolest. Now if only I could get to see her myself.

For any of you who may not have seen the Loops blog I saw a t-shirt there I just had to have. Shelley seemed to think that I would make a good model and took a picture. Apparently she thinks I would be a good jr. jr. yarn whore too. LOL I have several humorous yarn/knitting related t-shirts and this just had to be added. I doubt everyone will find them as funny as I do but that's me lol. I've always got my eye out for all kinds a yarn/knitting related t-shirts, just can't seem to get enough.

This is what I got to do today, this was our little Stitch and Bitch. I just love sitting around and knitting with my friends, knitters are really fantastic people. Everyone has got so many different projects going from socks to lace shawls and lots of things in between. These women are some of my biggest cheerleaders, when I get scared and start to wonder if I am doing any good, they are always there to encourage me. Nothing like good friends. Speaking of good friends I am making some great new friends on Ravelry, I am 'Tempted' come find me and say hi.

Last but not least I would like to announce that Stringtown is now carrying Tempted in Arkansas. If you are ever driving anywhere near Ft. Smith go see Elabeth/Elizabeth at her wonderful little store and besides yarn she carries spinning wheels and fiber.
In Oklahoma the only store that you can get Tempted Yarns is Loops which is also the only place you can get in the Tempted Sock Club. I am very proud and privileged to now have two stores carrying Tempted.
Come on you know you like to get Tempted.
Luv you all and thank you for your support, Stacy

Friday, September 14, 2007

Couple of Works in Progress

The Blanket Coat This will be so cozy and warm. Perfect for sitting on the porch and spinning in the cool Fall weather.
In the spring I am hoping to start a line of Silk hand painted. This is the scarf I thought might be simple but very inspiring. I do have 1 skein available if anybody is interested, I haven't posted it on Etsy yet, but if someone is interested let me know.

OMG you have to go over to Loops and look at the fantastic pictures of the first month of the Sock Club. It is wonderful I just love it. Now tell me that its not Art. No don't cause I will just argue with you. I dyed it, Gina knit it and a pretty darn good photographer took the picture (sorry don't know the name of the photographer) and of course a pretty young woman with a really good tan didn't hurt anything either. A wonderful collaboration, I think.

I am sitting here doing a little knitting, listening to a book, and worrying. In the last few days a have done a lot of that lately. Everything is going so well that I am just waiting for it to come flying apart at the seams. The only real problem that I see is that apparently there is a yarn shortage and everything is on back order. Luckily I just received an order for 80 skeins of yarn so hopefully that will get me thru till I can get more in. But......I know I have mentioned this before but "Tempted" was mentioned on the 'Lime and Violet' forum on Ravelry. The possibilities of what this could mean is mind blowing to me. I got a roving order almost immediately and now that she has her roving she wants all I have...Awesome....she liked it, she liked it. You do not have any idea how much that means to me, knowing that someone who doesn't know me and has no reason to compliment me, said really nice things and made me smile.

Ok Ok enough of my sentimentality.

So lets talk about how wonderful it will be to get to go to Yarn School. I can just imagine being with other fiber obsessed people, talking, dyeing, spinning and I know I will learn so much. We will spend one full day dyeing and one spinning. It will be like a little vacation, maybe I will relax and be able to get my thoughts in order. Maybe I ought to take up some sort of meditation. lol....oh yeah I knit!!! Maybe I better just relax and KNIT!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wow busy days and tons going on.

"Autumn Sun"

It has been a very very busy week and I am just loving it. Although my daughter is quick to point out that the house sinks (vinegar) on dyeing days. Very seasonal, felt so cool outside just seemed like a natural choice. Bob spent several hours last night re skeining yarn, thank god cause I just can't do it. He will be doing all the heavy lifting and it's kinda cool he is getting very involved. Helping with everything and even coming up with some pretty good names. Thank God for good husbands!

Ok ok now I have a big announcement.......I am going to Yarn School, I am really ridiculously happy about it. One entire day of Dyeing another of Spinning, and with other fiber crazed, yarn addicted, and very creative people, really how cool is that! I can not forget my camera, I will have to post loads of pics when I get back. 2 weeks from today I leave.

This leads me to a question for ALL you fiber obsessed people. What makes us this way? What bought you to your obsession? Why do you think it is that (if you are like me) you can't leave home without a knitting bag. Oh and When you buy a new bag it has to have enough room for at least a sock project? My extended family thinks I am nuts and will avoid talking about my "hobby" because I get so excited and will go on and on about whatever it is that I am currently working on. Come on leave me a msg even if its only hi.

In the next few days I hope I will be moving this blog to our website. I am doing this myself so it is going very very slow. Since when it comes to code, ip addresses, html, wah wah wahhhh wah, I got no idea what I am doing. I am learning, and trying so so hard. Any help is welcome.

Thanks to all of you who stop by and check on us. I really appreciate the support.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

About Tempted

Tempted began with myself (Stacy) and my Step-daughter (Amanda) in the spring of 2007. She had seen me knitting constantly for years and after her husband said something like “how come you don’t make me a pair of socks” she picked up sticks and started knitting. All I did was hand her a book and needles and off she went, no sitting down and watching just knitted immediately. She was about half way through her first pair of socks for said hubby and decided to make a pair for her mother-in-law. Well I suggested that we dye the yarn and make it a little more personal, I had been to a few dyeing demos and had a working knowledge. Before long we were hooked, socks in all shades of the rainbow. Her youth and interest in all things Goth, punk, and well anything different gave way to some of our most popular colourways “Punk Junkie, Shock Rocker, and Wicked Witch” to name a few.
Like many young married couples their lives are in transition and only for that reason are my husband and I going to take over the running of Tempted. Amanda will still be a creative force and I am sure that you will continue to see her influence, in colors and names (Thank God). Most of the physical labor will be taken on by my Dear Husband due to some of my own physical limitations (what a retirement job he will have). My dear sweet baby girl (10) says she will try to help out but she has to wear gloves, it would be too embarrassing to go to school with colored hands. LOL
In the weeks to come you will be seeing many changes that Amanda and I had planned and which we are hoping to be able to implement in the near future. The website was started a few weeks ago; it will soon be the home of our blog I hope. I will be working on it a lot in the days to come, hope I get it all figured out never have been all that great with computers. We will see.
There are plans for some new colors, including some semi-solid colourways. The Tempted Loops Sock Club will be up and running very soon so there will be a new color for that every month. Please get in touch with Loops if you are interested in the sock club. I can tell you that the first two months are awesome, great patterns to go with great yarns. Looking at selling some different yarns too, kid mohair, a silk and a merino lace weights for starters then we will just have to see where that takes us. I am expecting our Etsy store to grow in inventory and for our colors to expand.
Although we are going through a few growing pains the future looks bright. To all of you who check in on us regularly Thanks, to all of you who are new to us, hope you like what you see and make us a regular stop. Thank you all for all the support you have shown us.
Bob and Stacy
Tempted Hand Painted Yarns

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our newest color of sock yarn "Bordello".
100% Silk Lace "Roxanne"
"Koi in a Blender" Is making it's return appearance. For those of you who are new to us, Witt won our Name that yarn contest back in June.
I am currently working on several projects, a scarf out of the Roxanne Silk WOW it is so pretty. Just a drop stitch pattern nothing to special but I thought it will be a great spring scarf. So pretty. Then there is the Cabled Blanket Coat by Sarah Dallas, I searched and searched for this book. It is in this wonderful wool/silk yarn from Lambspun. Still have 2 second socks to do. Love that first sock but get a little bored with the second. Oh well .......I'm not the first one to have that problem.
I have got to tell you how cool Ms. Violet of Lime and Violet is. As you can see by how often I get on here and post, I am not the best at keeping up. I sent a msg to her and within 6 hrs she had responded and was really really nice and didn't just give me a generic answer. I think you should all check out the daily chum and the pod cast. So so funny and totally for the die hard knitters.
I gotta get going Stacy