Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go to Tempted !!!!!!
I got it done!!!!!!!! I have now successfully published the website. One of these days I will get the blog attached to it but for now they are going to be linked. That has taken just about all day today, well actually a lot of time over the last 2 months. I am so relieved, it is wonderful to have it up.

I spent a lot of time this weekend knitting on my Blanket Coat by Sarah Dallas (Scottish Inspirations a Rowan book). I fell in love with this pattern this last Spring and finally cast it on about 3 months ago. It has taken me way way to long to get it done. Something (3 guesses what) has been taking away from my knitting time. Well I am now through both arm holes and now just need about 24 in. in pattern and then to knit up the 2 sleeves. I am still in love with it though. Any bets on when I get it finished??

I have been getting some incredible input for new colors, keep em' comin'. I love hearing about what you guys think and would love to see. Almost forgot to tell yall' I will be getting a little worsted wt. Gems in this week, if anyone is wanting something dyed up in that better let me know quick before it is all gone. Also going to get some BFL, 22micron Merino, Corridale, and Shetland roving in to dye, if you have been wanting anything dyed up in these let me know and I will get it to you.
XOXO Stacy

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sucks to be me tonight

Not that I intend on bitching all night but tonight is a seriously crappy night, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) rears its ugly head and screws up my knitting tonight. I had planned on working on my Blankey Coat by Sarah Dallas tonight and I did for about 15 min till it just got too painful. Oh well, I will be better or at least able to move better tomorrow or the day after or maybe in a few days. Sitting on the couch and watching Vampire movies, some of my favorite kinds. Just saw a really cool one with Lucy Lui "Rise Blood Hunter" I think. Spent this week watching 'Ghost Hunters' and since they scare the baby (she plays like they do so she can sleep in our room) not a great nights sleep most of the week. Maybe that is what has kicked off the sudden RA problems, think I will stay up late and sleep as long as possible.

OK OK OK now on to the fun stuff I got the new colors re-skeined, thanks to the new skein winder. Wooooo Hooooo
A beautiful rose color with dk green accents. One of the girls that came over yesterday said it was a Victorian kind of color. It is really pretty and feminine.

This is my FAV of all time, I am a sucker for Red. I love it, I put red on one side and black on the other and then just kinda blend it all together. I love it. Guess I said that before huh.
Hoping I will feel a lot better tomorrow, you guys all have a great weekend.
xoxo Stacy

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Awesome Fiber Day

"Bordello Roving"
"Fiesta Roving"
"Gratitude Roving"
What a wonderful day! I had 3 great friends and fellow members of my local knit and fiber guild come over for a day of dyeing, spinning, knitting and sharing. Thank You Kaye, Dell and Joy!!! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. (shaking my finger) Dell, practice practice practice lol. My great and wonderful friend Dell bought spinning wheel about 6 months ago and rarely gets to practice spinning, so I take it upon myself to encourage (bitch at) her. LOL You know I love you, Dell. We all sat and stood around talking and dyeing yarn and fiber, it was really a good day. One of the great things about being a dyer is that it is pretty easy to get knitters to come over for a visit. Its a great perk.
Looking forward to sharing the new yarn color we dyed today, hopefully tomorrow I will post a picture, and to Etsy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New fibery gadgets

Electronic Skein Winder
Drum Carder
I got a 2 new fibery gadgets in the last week and thought I would share. I finally got an Electric Skein Winder from Ball and Skein ,what a life saver. I re-skein all my yarns, in my opinion it gives a more realistic idea of how it will knit up (my opinion only). Anyway this is already paying for itself, I re-skeined 24 skeins today in about 3 hrs which is great for me.
While at Yarn School I got the opportunity to use a drum carder just like this one and loved it. Well Elabeth is buying herself a new bigger and better drum carder so being the great friend that I am I offered to help her out by buying hers. lol In fact I refused to use any other carder at Yarn School, I didn't want to be lured in by the bigger and better one (but I really encouraged Elabeth too lol).
You will all be surprised to know that I have been a very busy girl, filled 2 orders for stores one for Loops of Tulsa and one for Re Belle of Lexington Kentucky. While at Yarn School I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-owners of ReBelle, Robyn. What a great girl and I am very honored that she is interested in carrying 'Tempted' in her store. Took Loops their order on Monday and got Re Belle's order out to them today. I am also trying to get new things up in my Etsy store regularly. Please take a look and let me know what you think of the new colors. Speaking of new colors Loops is now carrying 'Fiesta' by popular demand.....go check it out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Paris" (named by my daughter)
Still here, still working, still coming up with some new things.

I do have some news I got a late email last night from one of the rock stars of knitting...Zabet from the The Anticraft!. Just letting me know that she had just posted a blog about 'Tempted'. Isn't that awesome! BTW her book is on Amazon, I already got mine ordered Squeeeee.

Today I have been dyeing all day, really all day. It's still cookin'. I got a few orders yesterday and am really looking forward to delivering it. I did have some help today which is greatly appreciated. Ginger, a very good friend and a sweetheart who came over today to help me dye a ton of yarn! Ginger is probably one of the most interesting and amazing woman I have had the privilege to meet. She is also the Vice President of the local knit and fiber guild.
We worked all morning and then finally got to sit for a little lunch and knitting, very nice. Thanks Ginger!!!
XOXO Stacy

Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Busy

No pictures today but I am sure there will be more soon.

Yesterday I had a delivery to Loops...for all of you in the sock club the yarn is at Loops and ready to be sent out. It was really a lot of fun, if you are ever in Tulsa Town check out Loops. It is a wonderful shop, very comfy seating and friendly people to sit and knit with. Really it's not just a shop and go kinda store, its a sit, knit and visit kinda shop too. You will have to imagine the scene........ comfy and cool sectional with about 5 people just sitting, shareing and knitting and it was just such a beautiful day out that a few of the girls decided to go sit outside and knit. Well they ended up on the patio of the very nice resturant next door, sipping wine and knitting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three days in a row

Can you believe it I am Blogging again. Thanks to all of you who left a msg. it means a lot more then you know. Thanks

Today I had a guest dyer, introducing Lynn. She is from a neighboring town, and has lived there for the last 2 yrs looking for a fiber fanatic friend. I have been here looking for the same, although I am blessed with a few (Dell, Ginger and Kaye love you guys). We only met about a month ago and the following week she was offered a job about 10hrs away, so she is moving this weekend. Sucks cause she is as obsessed as I am. Since she is leaving we had a dyeing/going away day. Doesn't she look happy.
We had a very productive day, 3 new colors. It's so nice to have a fresh eye, she is very daring so it was just awesome. So what do ya think? Come on don't stop now I still love the comments. LOL
"Tequila Sunrise""Middle Child""Fiesta"

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Are things really starting to take off??

"Into the Blue"
"Downward Spiral"
Wow so I've been trying my hand at semi-solids. I got kinda slammed a few months ago, well not really just a few minor complaints that really shook me up. I have this horrible flaw...I really worry about making everyone happy. Not possible I know. Yeah well I was so down for about 3 days after hearing that someone didn't want to be in my Sock Club when they found out it was "Tempted". Ok ok I'm over it now. Lots of good things are happening and all that is in the past. Boy she doesn't know what she is missing, can't wait to see what the Clubbers think of their Oct. yarn.
Still trying to get the website up, think I am starting to get close. I'll get there, spent all day at a coffee shop loading pictures and trying to think of semi-clever things to say. I will let you know when I get it going I promise.
I hope I can get to know some of the people who are reading this blog at some point! In other words LEAVE A MESSAGE PLEASE.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Yarn School Continued

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this, but I have a very good excuse. Zabet from the Anticraft told me I needed to get off my ass and get to dyeing. She is offering to tell the world about my yarn, but whats the point if they can't get any. lol So I have been very busy, not only dyeing and coming up with some great new colors but also trying to get a website going. I had it looking so so good last night and then it crashed this morning and when I pulled it back up most of my pics where gone. :( I really suck at this but by no means can Tempted afford a "real" website. Check out my Flickr and see the new colors mostly semi-solids as that is what many seem to be screaming for.

Ok now back to Yarn School already in progress....

Friday night oh oh oh Friday night, well let me just say that Felicia can mix a mean Rum and Diet Coke, I think she was tring to get us No really a few of the other students and myself helped ourselves to some drinks after dinner and well ya know its a great way to get to know people. Truthfully nobody got drunk, just a little giggley (is that a word?). I got the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer and Felicia much better and truely enjoyed myself...You guys are awesome... we talked and talked. Jennifer is a knitwear designer from Dallas she has been published in Knitty, Magknits and will be in the Winter and Spring issues of Interweave Knits, isn't that just amazing. What till you see her stuff it is just awesome. She was kind enough to show me the pics of the 2 projects in Interweave and I was truely impressed. Felicia now she was a relatively new spinner but pretty darn good and a whole lot of fun to be around. Love ya girl hang in there and give me a yell one of these days.


Bright and early and what a beautiful day it was breakfast was very nice, good company, I think that was the morning that I met Zabet and Ginny, wow very nice people. I happened to have some pretty cool stichmarkers that were just up Zabet alley, so I even got to gift her a little. Oh but I didn't tell you that she picked out a skein of my yarn to send to.................da da dah Brenda Dayne of Cast-On Podcast really how awesome is that?? Ok I will quit dropping names for a little while. BUT IT WAS AWESOME!

When everyone got to the gym about 9am they split us into groups beginners and intermediate, I fell into the later. Adrian taught us about plying with thread and making really fantastic novelty yarns. Then we talked about planning our yarns, I really need a lot of help in that area. Before long it was time for lunch and The Annual Harveyville Parade so so neat, it had a Pirate theme.
Many of us took a little walk down the road to get a good view of the parade and we got pelted with candy too....oh and honeybuns, Doritos, and Fununs NO KIDDING. When the parade was over we went back to school and had a very very nice picnic lunch. Nikol had gotten a angora bunny owner/spinner/breeded, and a couple from a Pygora (Pygmy X Angora goat) farm to come out with their animals. It was wonderful and before they left I had about 10oz more fleece.
Aren't they so cute!
There was still an afternoon to spin my heart out and I truely enjoyed it till Rachel started talking about Funnel Cakes at the Harveyville Fair, so we took another walk to get Funnel Cakes. Nice little walk, but on the way back we looked like we had been in a snow storm, the wind blew powdered sugar all over us and I was wearing a black shirt.
Another marvolous dinner, and bed....exhausted.
Sunday was rather uneventful a little spinning followed by packing and packing. Exchanging e-mails of which I gave out a lot but didn't get anybodys (left my notebook in the room). Elabeth and I packed up the truck and made our way back to Oklahoma and Arkansas. Ready for my own bed and family again. I think I have probably written a book and barely scratched the surface, if you get the chance go the Yarn School.

Monday, October 1, 2007

How on earth am I going to be able to tell you how incredibly awesome Yarn School is. I will try by starting from the beginning.
I pack because if I had packed before I would have gone through it 50 times before so I wouldn't forget anything. So I pace around waiting for Elabeth to get here, she wasn't late I was just very excited. So she got here about 12:30 and we hit the open road. Took a little detour through Coffeyville, showed her the Dalton Museum and the paintings of the dead Dalton gang on the sidewalk and the boy in the fence. No really it is there. Once we turned around and got back on 169 hwy it was really cool. We talked and admired the farm houses all the way through Kansas. We got there and pulled around the back to unloaded all our stuff, 2 bags, 1 makeup bag, 1 basket of yarn, 2 Lg Rubbermaid tubs of fiber and yarn, and 3 spinning wheels. Isn't that sweet! We got a really cool welcome note. We also got a big bag of fleece including a big ball of superwash and merino, along with 2 more of mixed wool. There was a folder full of awesome info. about dyeing, color theory and Spinning. Once we got the bags out of the truck we walked around a bit and then went into the Gym and met some of the folks already there and waited for all the rest to arrive. There were some awesome people helping out, Melissa was amazing, she just worked and worked and always had a smile on her face, wish I had a pic but she wouldn't allow it. She and Amber were just awesome both really worked hard and it didn't go unnoticed. Thank You

When the shuttle from the KC airport did arrive we all got to go down to the cafeteria for cocktails and some amazing finger foods, marinated olives, several different kinds of cheese and much more that I can't remember what was called, really how awesome is that. We all sat around talked and got to know a little about the people there. They came from all over California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and I am sure that there are lots I have forgotten. A truly amazing group of women. There was a mother and daughter that came together (got to give the mom a weenie sock kit and help her make a little sock) they vacationing together. I can't say enough about my other roommate Rachel she was great. So happy I got to room with her she is just plain awesome and a lot of fun. After all our mixing and meeting it was getting close to bedtime.

Didn't sleep very well not because there was anything wrong with the bed, nobody snored, everything was just fine, but I was really excited I think. Went down to the cafeteria to find fresh coffee, cereals, granola bars, fresh fruit and a Waffle Maker with batter ready to cook. My waffle and coffee were just wonderful.

The dye lab was scheduled for 9 am which was just wonderful, everything was ready to go. Adrian from Hello Yarn and Sarah from Maisy Day Handspun taught a wonderful beginners dyeing class. I picked up quite a few tips myself, really enjoyed it.

We took a wonderful field trip to Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow (considering that I left my camera there you would think I would at least have 1 picture...but NOOOO) we had a great lunch and got to do lots of petting and buying alpaca fleece. We had a very nice drive there and back through the Kansas countryside.

Once we where back at the Harveyville Project we where given instruction on Carding both with hand cards and Drum Carders.

Imagine Spinners heaven: fleece, cotton and synthetic fibers surrounding you, boxes full of different colors and kinds of fibers. Carders at your disposal, to use till your hearts content, rainbows of color mixed with silk or tencel or nylon. Then there where 2 large circles of spinning wheels, everyone working at carding or spinning, talking about home or pets, children, husbands and significant others. A truly magical and wonderful experience.

Since this has taken me 2 days to write think I will save the rest for later.