Friday, November 30, 2007


"Fiesta colorway in the Bellatrix Pattern"
Isn't this incredible!! Lynn, my first guest dyer, came up with this colorway several months ago when I showed her all the colors and said go crazy. Wow did she do a good job! Now she has knit up this awesome sock and is working on the second.
I met Lynn online around July or August, she lived in a town close to me and she is not only another knitter but also a spinner. She was in training for an Triathlon and had very little free time and we didn't get to actually meet in person till late September. Ok what sucks about it taking us so long to actually get to meet in person is that 1 week after we met for coffee, she gets offered a job in Colorado. Well of course she took it and ran off to the Mountains. In our few days together we have become pretty good friends and so today when she came back to finish up all of her moving, we had the chance to catch up a little and share our fiber obsession one more time. She even gave me some new color ideas, awesome to have talented friends. Lynn I will miss you, but we will always have Ravelry. LOL

Our other visitors are a couple of my dear daughters friends. They even helped decorate the tree. Nothing like 3 squealing little girls running around singing crazy Christmas songs.
Then we made a Gingerbread House. *Let the decorating begin.*
Notice the roof is sliding down?? They didn't.
Now ear-splitting screams as the roof falls! Notice that I didn't bake the gingerbread, I bought the kit. They had a good time and I have the pictures to prove it. Nothing like all the little Christmas activities to make everyone smile a little broader. Hope you and yours are enjoying the Holiday Season too.

Tomorrow I get back to dyeing in earnest. My goal is to dye 30 skeins....crossing my fingers. With a house full of people doubtful I will get that much done but I am still going to try.
xoxo Stacy

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 in a row.

"Into the Blue"
Semi-solids all at Loops!!

After ( The Loopy Ewe ) Well part of it anyway. I really was hoping that would look a lot more impressive. You would think 3 hours of re-skeining would be more.
And the studio is also changing too. The window on the right is the studio window.

Can you believe it 2 posts in 2 days?

I have been very busy dyeing and re-skeining today hope you can tell.

I got quite a bit done and although I dyed several of the skeins yesterday, I needed to re-touch some of them and so had a little work to do on yarn dyed yesterday. Funny how sometimes when I dye something and it looks solid, after it is dry it is not solid at all and it needs a little more dye. Sucks for me but I want it to be great for all those who buy it.

My dear sweet hubby delivered the new semi-solids to Loops today, hope everyone likes them. The Semi-solids that went to Loops are seen above. Let me know what you think.

I am continually amazed at the knitting community, you guys are awesome! I have met the most amazing and giving people. Since I have been on Ravelry I have met many wonderful people. I just want to thank you all for all the wonderful support.

xoxo Stacy

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got a new you get pictures.

Tempted Yarns now owns its own camera. So this will be a picture heavy post. Hope you like pictures as much as I do.
First I need to ask a favor if anyone has or knows where I can buy a copy of "Poetry in Stitches" by Solveig Hisdale I am very interested in buying a copy! I have been wanting this book for years and am searching without luck so far, any help is greatly appreciated.
Can you tell I have been busy? I sure hope so cause I have been. It has been a very colorful week. I am having a lot of fun playing in all the pretty colors. UNTIL dum da da dum......
Last Friday while dyeing an order I realized that I was almost out of black....OH NO. I immediately got on-line and ordered more, but it isn't here yet and I have to have it to finish up other orders. So looks like I will be re-skeining yarn all day tomorrow. YUCK That is my least favorite job, really it's not so bad anymore now that I have the electric skein winder. I am having a lot of fun coming up with some new colors though, I really love that part.
So many awesome colors, so intense and invigorating. Makes me want to cast on more socks.
I need about 9 clones, 1 to be mom, 1 to be wife, 1 to dye, 1 to re-skein, 1 to label, 1 to knit, 1 to spin, 1 to shop and 1 to blog. Luckily I could give extra jobs to the clone in charge of labels, she ought to have a little extra time. I could really get lost in the idea of delegating all these duties. Especially helping with homework, I am no good at helping with homework, I don't have the patience for it. My baby (she is my baby and not old enough to be doing all this homework, denial at work) has a 7 paragraph paper due on Monday with a diorama. Which means I have a lot of work to do and all I do is show her where to get the info. That and try to find little trees and grass at the local Hobby store. I really didn't need the extra work this week.

I know that I have been working on this for a long time but I am hoping that this will explain why it is taking me so long to finish it. It is almost as long as I am tall. I holes are where the sleeves will be and the little piece hanging down there is one of the sleeves laying over it. I do love it and am really looking forward to it being done and on my back. To be fair like many other knitters in the world I have not been monogamous. I have done a few pairs of socks and a half. (I swear I will cast on the other sock this weekend)

I love the look of the cables in this yarn. Wish you could feel just how soft, warm and inviting this sweater will be.

The Studio is beginning to take shape, thanks to the weather, wind and Thanksgiving it is not moving along quite as quickly as we had hoped. If you look close you can see where the windows will be.
Lookin' Good!
I am hoping there will be steel on it by this time next week. In my favorite color RED!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Even I get Tempted!

I know you have already seen them, but.....
Even I get 'Tempted'.....In fact it is driving my nuts. I am desperately wanting to spin some more superwash merino, for another pair of socks. I have been thinking about the 2 - 4oz roving's that I have already dyed, one is in 'Gratitude' and the other is called 'Hideous'. In fact a favorite customer/friend, Jenger has already spun up 4oz of "Hideous" and it looks awesome. I am trying to be really good and save it for customers not get greedy and keep it for myself. It's not easy, but I will keep trying.
Thanksgiving week is a big week around our house so no dyeing going on, and that is another thing that has been on my mind a lot. I have a big order to get done and can't really start it till next Monday. I cheat a little, I have gotten 10 skeins done yesterday and today but not nearly as many as I need to. I have also got 2 skeins to add to another order, and I do have to get those done this week. I am looking forward to the rest of this week actually, I should get a lot of knitting done. I would love to get my Blanket Coat done. In fact I started a sleeve and I am probably about a third of the way through it. I wish I had it done, think I will need it in the next few days. It's supposed to get really cold here starting about midnight tonight. 36 degrees by morning.
Speaking of tomorrow morning, I will be making my regular trip to Arkansas to send the DD to Tennessee for the weekend. I will get the opportunity to stop into another of my favorite LYS, well not so Local, Stringtown. The real bright spot about having to go. Sure do wish I had a bunch of podcasts to listen to on the way back. Oh well.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and know that I am thankful for all of you!
xoxo Stacy

Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning!!!!!

Looking East from the top of the hill next to our house. So beautiful in the early morning with the mist covered hills in the distance.

I know I have mentioned it before but I love living out here. There is a little story that goes with this picture. All you vegetarians and vegans stop reading now, I love you hope you will understand.
So Deer season opened last Saturday and where I come from It's a really big deal. Our family comes up and we all enjoy the family land together. If you can imagine it, me up on that hill, with my rifle, backpack, dressed in all my camo except my bright orange vest and hat. I got a big Thermos of coffee and my knitting so I was very happy. To be honest I do a lot more knitting then hunting. I really did love sitting up there in the mist, knitting and looking out across the land..until...I got the call from school had to go and get the girl. Ok so I had really only been up there for about 15 minutes when the call came, but it was a very nice, quiet and peaceful 15 minutes. I did get 2 rounds of my hubby's sock done.
I got back to the house by about 8:30am and had the rest of the day to play. I did a little dyeing and a lot of spinning. I haven't actually gotten any spinning time in about a month. I had been fantasizing about the angora bunny I had purchased while at Yarn School so I decided that since this is a vacation week I would play. OMG it is awesome, so smooth and soft. Just amazing! I will post a pic later but I really don't think it will come anywhere close to describing how amazing it is. I think i will have to plan something really special for it. Any ideas?
xoxo Stacy

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am still getting organized

Looks like I am getting organized, I sure am trying, well I sure am thinking about it a lot anyway. ;)
Those colors are sooooo amazing! These are the semi-solids, these will be at Loops the end of November. There where a few comments made regarding that some want more semis so here you go, see I listen. Actually I love suggestions. Like all my guest dyers, they see things differently then I do and sometimes will amaze me with the color combinations. Like the 'Fiesta' colorway I never would have done that without Lynn. She is fearless.
There is an awful lot of blank wool there just waiting to be dyed and I have to take the week off. I will have a house full of people on and off all week long. Once the Studio is done, I will be able to make a mess and not have to worry about everyone being inconvenienced by it. Speaking of they got the trusses finally put up on Friday and it is starting to really look like a barn/studio lol.
Now for some fun news.
Tues. December 4th I will be making a late trip to Tulsa to join in all the fun at Sock night at Loops. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone. I would love to get pictures of every ones items that they have made, or are making with their 'Tempted' yarn. I love all the response there has been I am really getting excited. I will be posting tons of pictures from that night, I hope.
In fact I am considering buying a new camera, anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you all for the wonderful comments and keep em coming!
xoxoxo Stacy

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So much to say, So much to say...

Long story but a very important one to me and Tempted: (come on hang in there with me there is some really BIG news in here!! )

Many months ago I decided to take up dyeing yarn again, (had dabbled a bit before). A great friend of mine Dell, after seeing some of my more serious dye jobs encouraged me to jump in and take it more seriously. With her encouragement and having Amanda's (my step-daughter) help, we did just that. Before long we had an Etsy shop and had gotten some wonderful feedback. Off and running.

Fast forward a month or two, finally got an opportunity to meet an on-line friend (Robin) for coffee and shopping (Loops) at Utica Square. She is an avid knitter also and wanted to see our yarns so I brought a basket full. I really wanted to take it into Loops but was absolutely terrified! Really terrified, what if they hated it? Well Robin truly helped relieve my nerves by her ohhhhs and awwwwwes, she liked it and said she liked it a lot. So I promised myself that if the opportunity presented itself I would show them to Shelley (Loops owner). I couldn't believe that the opportunity did present itself and when it did I ended up with a little crowd all making very positive comments. I was elated, we now had a store and not just any store, "Loops" one of the nicest stores I have ever been to. I have to say that I will never be able to express how wonderful it is to be associated with such a nice shop. Thank you Shelley for believing in an Independent Dyer.

Very shortly after that an incredible knitter and woman, whose blog I had followed for years opened her own store Stringtown in Ft. Smith AR. If you are a knitter and/or Spinner in and around Arkansas you probably know or at know of Elabeth, if not, you should. Again terrified I happened to be driving through Ft. Smith and had to take the opportunity to visit her newly opened shop. This time I just brought in my little basket of Yarns and showed her, little did she know that she had been one of my knitting Rock Stars. She was interested but wanted to wait a little while. I left that day with a new knitting purse and knowing that another store would be carrying our yarns!!
Now in 2 stores and very excited.

Then Shelley believed enough in 'Tempted' that she mentioned the possibility of a Sock Club. Wow a sock club!!! I dived into it and I am truly enjoying meeting so many new knitters from across the country. OMG people from all over the country including Alaska (hello up there) where ordering Tempted! It began to get bigger and bigger, it sold out. Wow! I could get on Ravelry and see that people from across the country had 'Tempted' in their stash, really how cool is that.

Many of you know that I had the privilege of getting to go to Yarn School thanks to Elabeth. I truly enjoyed the entire experience and was introduced to many wonderful people. Three of those wonderful people include Zabet of the anticraft and Robyn co-owner of ReBelle both from Kentucky and Jennifer of Pie Knits. I did take a few skeins of yarn with me to school and so had some to show. Zabet who was going to be sending a package over the pond to Brenda Dayne (Cast-On) found one of my yarns that she thought Brenda would like and mailed it to her. How awesome is that!! Not only that, but she went back home and mentioned 'Tempted' on her blog (along with my "marvelous rack" per Nikol LOL). A few weeks after I got back I got an email from Robyn requesting to have 'Tempted' in her store in Lexington, again how awesome is that. I delivered her order a few weeks later. I also got a mention on Jennifer's blog and there is a looming possibility that she may design a pattern around one of my colorways. If you don't know Jennifer, you will. One of her patterns has recently been published in Interweave Knits, although she has previously been published on Knitty, MagKnits, Knitters Magizine and Hip Knits.
Now in 3 stores....WOW!!
Ok let me say that without all the people mentioned above 'Tempted' would never have been a success. If it wasn't for Amanda there would never have been a 'Tempted'. She was the inspiration and the brains behind it in the beginning and remains in the heart of 'Tempted'. Bob is the strong arm of re-skeining and anything that needs to be done when I can't. Emily and Stacy Dawn are the tolerant by-standers, they put up with all the yarn hanging everywhere. I also have to say that my guest dyers have been an incredible inspiration, so thank you Lynn, Kaye and Dell. Without the awesomeness of Ms. Violet of Lime n Violet my newest opportunity would not have happened. Thank you Ms. Violet! (and Robin for introducing me to the incredible Ms.Violet) Last but not least Thank you to all the clubbers it is awesome to hear from you and know what you think about the yarn, I also love following all your blogs too.

OK OK OK Now for the HUGE news. 'Tempted' will soon be included in the..........DA DAH DA DA.........THE Loopy Ewe stable of hand dyed yarns!!! Now all sock knitters can be "Tempted". I can not express how excited I am. Sheri at the Loopy Ewe is so so nice and well she's just an inspiration. I am really looking forward to having and long and fruitful relationship with her and the Loopy Ewe. "Thigh-hi" sock, knitted by my very good friend Dell. She did a wonderful job and should have the second done before too long. I Love the way this yarn knits up, spotty and completely random. Hope you all like it too.

I hope you all like these as much as I have. They will soon be available at Loops soon. We have had several requests for semi-solid yarns and these will be added to the others. Several semi-solids will soon have a place on the Loops shelves. The pictures really don't do these colors justice or the slight variations running through each skein. In all your rushing and shopping for the Holidays if you are close to Tulsa go in and pet the yarn.
I would love to hear what you all think about this post (Hello all you lurkers out there I am talking to you too).
The moral to this story is that we are all connected and with out the actions of the people around us no one would know anything about 'Tempted'. It took every single one of the people mentioned to get 'Tempted' to this point. I also want to say thank you to my encourager's Jenger, Amber, Nancy, Rain, TJ, Ginger and Courtney.
And thanks to anybody who made it all the way to the end of this post. LOL
xoxo Stacy

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Studio / Shop

It's a start.
That corner up front is mine!!!!
Well it is in it's beginning stages, but the concrete is poured and hopefully if the wind will die down a bit there will be trusses up tomorrow. I am beginning to get excited about it. Bob and I took a little tour LOL and did a little dreaming. Thinking about how we will lay out our respective studio/shop, windows, door, cabinets, sink, ect. I am a very good dreamer, ask anybody I am really good at pie in the sky kinda plans. This one just happens to be coming true.
In fact yesterday we got to go to Lowe's and pick out my door, already have the windows and it won't be long they will all be up. I will post more pics then.
Been working on the 'Gumby sock' really looking forward to showing you the pictures. Hopefully be finished with it by later today. (fingers crossed) Maybe tomorrow I will have the picture of the first sock.
xoxo Stacy

Friday, November 9, 2007

Roses, Organization and new project.

Ok so first I have to brag a bit. Aren't they beautiful. The real bragging part comes with the pictures to come. My dear sweet hubby is going to share part of his 'shop' with me. In other words I will have a studio!!! It now has a floor and is waiting for walls and a roof. Not looking like it will be happening on time (like any building ever is) as the trusses are due to be put up on Mon. but as of tonight the forecast says 15-25 mile an hr winds and 60% chance of rain. Oh well it will be done at some point.
See I am trying to get somewhat organized. The picture really doesn't give it justice, considering that I have a WHOLE lot more that needs to be put up. Got quite a bit of yarn that is in a closet and not been put up here. Oh and you should all know that I have a little bit of Worsted wt. yarn waiting for special orders. I thought I would wait to dye it till someone requests the colorway that they would like. Anybody wanting some Worsted wt dye jobs? 200 yds per skein.
This is the beginning of Emily's 'Gumby' sock pattern by Gina Yates. She has lately been very interested in yellow so this is the perfect color for her. Yes this is one of my yarns, 'Enlightenment' in fingering wt. I love the way it is knitting up. I am actually working on the heel right now, so it is farther along then it appears in the picture.
I am waiting with bated breath for the release of the next Lime and Violet podcast, I think she will talk about the yarn and roving I sent her at the first of September. I think she liked it but guess I will have to wait and see. Also Zabet (the Anticraft) sent a skein of 'Gratitude' to Brenda Dayne (Cast-On) and I am wondering what she thought of it. Really nice of Z to send it. Thank you Zabet! It is all very exciting and also very nerve-racking waiting to hear praise or criticism, not knowing which may come. No matter what comes I have made some incredible friends and met some awesome people. So here is a short list of all those I would like to thank for being here.
Bob- amazing hubby, Emily- wonderful daughter, Amanda- incredible inspiration, the following have all been so encouraging and I couldn't have gotten this far without them.
Dell, Robin, Ginger, Kaye, Gina, Jenger, Dad, Pam, Muriel, Sherrey, Elabeth, Robyn, Zabet and Jennifer you have all meant so much to me and I will never be able to express it completely.
Thank you all!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A day of Yarn and Roses

I was a busy busy girl today. Had a Dr appt. first thing this morning followed by a bit of necessary shopping, lunch with my wonderful husband and then a nice visit at Loops. There are not to many things that are more enjoyable then a beautiful fall day sitting in a yarn store with people of like mind, visiting and knitting. Oh and we all got a flu shot, no flu at the yarn store this year! There was a free sock class going on and so the place was packed, lots of people I hadn't gotten the chance to meet before. I was just a very nice way to spend a few hours. I love living were I do but it would be nice if Loops were closer then an hour away. I also got to see the completed November sock club Socks!!! Gina did a beautiful job I love them and I got the pattern, cause I'm special, lol. One of the perks of dyeing all the yarn.
I also got another wonderful surprise today, my hubby came home with a dozen beautiful red roses and the news that he is taking the day off tomorrow for our 8th wedding anniversary. It has been a great eight years too. We have been through a lot but every day worth it.
I dyed up this roving for Jenger, cause I love ya!
Thinking of putting on a Fiber Club, would love to hear if anyone would be interested. New colors and fiber every other month. Let me know what ya think.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hocus Pocus

Isn't it awesome, finally finished the second sock! I am very very happy with how it turned out especially considering that the 1st sock is at Loops and so I couldn't compare them. I did take very good notes on the first one so I think they will still be identical.
I have been dyeing all day and think I am about done for today. Tomorrow I will get to re skein all day....wooo least favorite job in the dyeing process. Also got bit by the new drum carder today and scratched the hell out of my hand, I wasn't even using it. Got to remember to be very aware while around that thing it has some mean teeth.
Oh hey calling all spinners.... I just got in some 22micron Merino, BFL, Corridale and Shetland in. If anyone is interested in any special dye jobs in any of these fibers let me know before I get crazy and dye it all up in 'Bordello'. LOL.
Hope you all had a great Halloween and are having a good weekend.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


" My dead cheerleader"
Well Halloween has come and gone. Ya know it used to be a lot of fun when I didn't have so much work to do. Treats for class, costumes, wake up an hr early for make-up and hair, when did I get so old that it all became work?
Stayed up for the LIVE Ghost Hunters special and guess I got to old for that too, I was only able to stay up till about midnight. LOL I got so tired just couldn't stay up any longer. Well I needed to get up and get the girl off to school this morning anyway.
Played in the yarn a few days ago and come up with "Hideous" Let me know what ya think.