Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In the store Soon!

This is a nice little collection of all the yarns that will be delivered to
Loops, should be there about noon Wednesday August 1.
We have decided that this must be a labor of love, cause it is a whole lot of work. Dyeing and coming up with all the new colors is a lot of fun, the skeining and re-skeining is NOT! 1 or 2 is not bad at all, but 100's? Not that we are complaining as we said before it is a labor of Love.
We do have some new color ideas, looking forward to playing around with them.
-Amanda and Stacy

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guess what we have been doing??

Here are the 2 new colors, both special requests from Loops. We spent all day dyeing 40 skeins of yarn, our personal record. I am absolutely exhausted. Well let us know what ya think.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Order in and now we must go to work.....

What do ya think of this??
Box of goodys

Thought I would make a quick post and show that we actually did get our order and now will be slaveing away to get our order done. I am very excited!
This weekend will be Amanda and her wonderful husbands 1st Wedding Anniversary and I wanted to congratulate them semi-publicly, they are a lovely couple and I can't imagine 2 people more made for eachother. CONGRATS

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No pics this time

I hate to post without pictures but...I am going to. Sorry it has been so long since our last post but unfortunately we can't really do anything right now. Our order of Louet yarn will be here on Thurs!!!! We will be working our little butts off for at least the next several weeks just with the order for Loops A new item that will be appearing on our Etsy site is hand dyed Superwash Wool Roving's. I am very excited about this, I love the diversity in hand spun yarn and can't wait to spin up some of it for myself.
The garden is doing well though our corn is not making it to the table, RACCOONS are apparently having moonlight meals. I can just see them sitting on their little butts, shucking and nibbling at my corn. The turtles are really enjoying our cucumbers too. We are feeding a lot of little critters lol.
I am working on my Frost and Flowers Shawl a lot lately, been listening to the last 2 Harry Potter books and that seems to be the best times to work on the lace pattern. Oh and I will be hosting a small book party on Fri. really looking forward to it. Emily my 10yr old and I are going to make a Shepard's Pie, Treacle Tarts, Pumpkin Pasties, and Butter Beer. Doesn't it sound like fun, and at Midnight we will be picking up our Book and Audio Book, so I will be listening to it by 1am if the lines aren't too long. Also working on a scarf for this winter for my hubby. Oh and i finished a little top for Emily's Tonks costume for the book party. So I have been busy. Really wanting to do some spinning just don't know what I want to make so not sure what I want to spin. Decisions decisions. -Stacy

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Flood 2007

Well what do ya think, enough water? Amazing but it rained like crazy in Kansas and look what we got. 1st pic is of Highway 28 our main way out of the boonies and into the closest town, luckily it we had another way out although the water got up on it too but only for about 24 hrs. 2ND picture is of the road we live on, about 1 mile from our house. Can't believe that it got that high.
Good news is that we will now be using Louet gems yarn for our sock yarn from now on, we placed a very large order with them last Fri. and it should be shipped out either this Fri. or next Mon. Not long now!
Hope you all had a great 4Th!