Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big day

Thought I would share Amandas Xback tank (pattern on Knitty). Is that
not so cool. She only started knitting in May i think. Amazing, think I was still just knitting scarves. Cool tat. Got to admit the kids got style.

OK for those of you who may not know who Lime and Violet are....http://limenviolet.blogspot.com/ go and check them out. Total yarn whores in the best way of course. They make me feel so normal, I can always point to them and say "see it's not just me". I was never a cheerleader but if I start to talk about yarn....I turn into one. It's truly disgusting. Anyway last night when I was absolutely exhausted and maybe had a little wine.... 2 glasses.... I think.... I finally got up the courage to send a few msgs. to those in the yarn, knitting , spinning world who I am amazed and in awe of. The Yarn Harlot and Lime and Violet. I ask them both to check out our yarn and let me know what they think. The fantastic Ms. Violet responded .....woooo hooo.... she likes it, she likes it. Well maybe she is just being nice but she did say that the "Punk Knitters would chew glass to get to our yarn" and she loves the names. I think that was very positive. I will be sending her the Bordello roving and a sock yarn. Really how cool is that!
I am soooooo pumped!
The Bartlesville Knit and Fiber Guild met today too. I think I actually scared some of them, I am way over the top excited about our yarns and all that has happened. The cheerleader reared her ugly overly excited head, I mean really I could lead a pep rally.
GIVE ME A "T", GIVE ME A "E", GIVE ME A "M", "P", "T", "E", "D". WOOOO "TEMPTED".
I told them everything, showed them everything. Most of them are very excited and proud of us. In fact one said that it was keeping her young, watching me get so excited about yarn. LOL
Hey anybody on Ravelry check us out. Tempted
I love it, got to be the coolest thing to happen to knitting since the internet.
Happy Knitting, Stacy

Monday, August 27, 2007

Woo Hoo Sock Club

So anyone up for a sock club?????? Come on it will be fun, we'll have a blast! I am really excited, we went down to Loops today and had a little meeting with Shelley. Starting in September there will be a Tempted Sock Club isn't that so cool. Wow a Tempted Sock Club!!!!! If I didn't have a computer on my lap I would jump up and down!!!! A new SURPRISE colourway every month. We have the first two months planned and have some great ideas for the next several months. Keep an eye on the Loops Blog for more details, and maybe even some really cool sneak peeks. Thank you all for supporting Indie dyers and artists, thank you, thank you, thank you.

OH how could I have forgotten we have our own website now Tempted Yarns. It's not to bad and maybe someday we will get it looking a little more professional.

Amanda is working on some really cool new and original patterns, maybe get them loaded on Ravelry at some point. Still knitting like crazy, socks (of course), sweaters, scarves, gloves oh oh oh and a little lacy silk number too. That is going to be a Spring surprise.

Till next time, Stacy

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pink and Black

I think this will make an awesome pair of socks, still not sure if it will go for sale or if I will keep it. Almost as handmade as you can get, hand spun, hand dyed, and to be hand knit. Only thing I missed out on was feeding and shearing the sheep.lol

There is 365yds, which is plenty for an average size women's socks. I think it turned out very very well.

Well I am going to head over to Loops today. There will be a little more Guerrilla Grrl at the shop, ran out of paper for the labels and couldn't finish the order...duh. Oh well I am really looking forward to checking out all the new stuff she has gotten in lately. They have been re-working the displays and they look great, wish my pocket book could afford ALL the pretty yarns. I am going to start doing a little shopping (not buying) for one of the sweaters out of Romantic Hand Knits. I just love this book it really lives up to the title, very romantic and very flirty designs. So I will report back....NOT showing any newly acquired stash. Wish me Luck. LOL

Still waiting on any big news that may be on the horizon......oh oh oh we did get a website www.temptedyarns.com but it is not up and running yet so don't get to excited yet.

Have a great day and hey leave us a little note...hi is fine we are really wanting to get to know the folks out there that are interested in yarn, knitting......heck anything. Thanks Stacy

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Knit and Spin

Before...This is some of the Super Wash roving that we dyed a few weeks ago. I just love how many different looks are possible when spinning your own yarns.
After.... Pink and Black how cool is that. I think it will be beautiful. Might sell it, might knit it don't know yet. Fine enough for socks, and about 350 yds plenty for a pair of women's socks.
Just wait till the sweaters are done. It's been a while since I have worked with multiple colors, I enjoyed it a lot.

Ravelry is the coolest, I am loving looking around at all the stuff that knitters around the world are doing, and there are so many of us. Kinda nice to know that I am not the only fiber addicted women in the world. Some great forums, groups and you can look up anything knit worthy. If you haven't gotten signed up on there go immediately and do so, it's so worth the wait.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Handspun, Hand Dyed, Hand Knit

I want thank Rori for letting Robin take this pic of her OU socks. Hello to all the BA panera knit night group.

I really need some feedback on these. I really love how soft and cozy they are. I have 2 more rovings to spin one is the Punk Junky roving and the other is pink and black with no name yet.
It has been so busy around here lately and it is going to get a lot busier. School starts on Thurs. for the little girl 5th grade. That sounds so big and yet she is still my baby. Then on Sat. the 19yr old daughter moves back to college, her 2nd year. She is getting very excited, all her stuff is packed and ready to go. She has her own room this year and so she gets to do all the decor. It's gonna look like it's been sprayed down with Pepto, hot pink curtains, towels and beach scenes all over the walls. She really has some very good ideas. Maybe I will get her to take some pics of the finished room and send them to me. lol
We have another small order from Loops. 20 more, funny a few months ago that would have seemed huge. Shelley also has added our yarns to the internet store, isn't that so cool. We feel so important.
I want to give a personal thank you to all the Loops people that I got to meet last Thurs. It was very exciting and encourageing to get such wonderful feedback. Oh and you all made me famous, after the very warm welcome and one very wonderful women stateing that she was our greatest fan. My 10 yr old daughter came and whispered in my ear "Mom your the most famous person here". What could be better!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Punk Junky Roving
Hocus Pocus
Kiss This!
"Don't ask, Don't tell"
These are all from this weeks work.
Hopefully I will have some big news later!!! Well I think its big news we will see. Please please please leave us a little note letting us know what you think of our newest colorways. Oh and if you are familiar with our Guerrilla Grrl colorway, than know that this (the blue, white and brown) is its male counter-part...."Don't ask, don't tell" I love the name! What do you think? I ask that and now I just know someone will yell at me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2 more rovings

We did get 3 new colorways dyed today and 2 rovings all need to have pics taken and it will be at least Saturday before I will be able to do any of it I think. Things have been so busy. Tons to blog about, Ravelry is awesome and I love it, new colors and looks like we will be carrying some new yarns soon too!
I will get a detailed post up as soon as I can with pictures. Hang in there I will I promise.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Roving, spin, and knit

Well as we speak I have 2 rovings in the oven, both are going to be really really cool. Wait till tomorrow and I will surprise ya with pics. The pictures are of Bordello, I am loving it. A dream to dye, spin and knit. Made from Louet's superwash wool roving.

Looks like we will spend the day tomorrow re-skeining some more Shock-rocker and Wicked Witch for Loops. Oh BTW did you all see the ad for Loops in the 25th anniversary edition of Vouge Knitting. Isn't that so very cool that our little ole LYS is in Vouge.

Since this post has taken about 6 hrs to finish I think I will just give up and try again tomorrow. Love you all and thanks for all the support!

Oh little shout out to all the BA Panera Tues. Knit night gals....have a great time wish we could join ya! Let us know how much fun you all have!
-Stacy and Amanda

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Very Good Day!!

First I want to say Thank you to all of you out there who have pre-ordered our yarn from Loops. I can not tell you how great it was to walk in there today and hear that our yarn is wanted! You would think that when an incredible yarn store that has a women with vision for the future of knitting running it (Shelley "Awesome" Brander) orders 130 skeins of yarn, you would feel confident. Not me just made me worry....what if nobody likes it, what if they hate it, what if loops gets stuck with it and discounts it to nothing cause they can't get rid of it. When we walked in Ingrid (hope that is right, if not I appoligize) gets this bright look in her eyes and shows us to the back. Then grabs a Guerrilla Grrl "this will be gone if I don't grab it" she says. How cool is that! Barely got to talk to Shelley, we never show up when she is not super-busy. Guess that comes with running the greatest yarn store ever. She did let us know about all the pre-orders WOW I am so excited.
On our way over there I was talking on the phone to a very good friend and she told me about her Knit-in at Panera Bread in Broken Arrow. We were actually being talked about, people know about us and are excited about our yarns. Again....Wow! Someone actually asked if we were the ones who made Punk Junkie, cool they remember our names too. Well hang on our there we got some great new ideas and can't wait to share them all.
Luv you all and Thank You for supporting the local artist.
Amanda and Stacy..Tempted

Ravelry and delivery

It doesn't look like much in the picture, but what you see before you is a ton of sock yarn. Got it done!!!! I was up yesterday at 5am and worked all day till 10:30 last night and was up again at 5 today putting labels on and marking all the names. It is done...well almost, waiting on more yarn then we need to do 20 more.

Got our ravelry invite and when I got on I had to search to see if anyone on there had a stash of Tempted and YEAH we are. Now we are more cause I put some up.