Monday, December 31, 2007

Got Fiber???

25 lbs of Merino/Silk Roving...pretty isn't it??
Look at all the pretty colors.
These are now all packed up and ready to ship off.

No party plans here tonight. Just to bed early and an early start tomorrow, so much for New Years Eve.

Hope you all have a great New Year.
Love ya and keep in touch (in other words at least say HI)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Uninspired, need a new project.

I may be uninspired but I have been busy. Dyeing lots of roving for The Loopy Ewe. I also have 2 more orders to fill immediately after this. Hoping to ship this off on Monday.
Only 3 colors out of 10. So stay tuned to The Loopy Ewe.

So I find myself uninspired, wanting for a new project that will excite me and bring me out of my recent funk. Not that I haven't been busy, I have been busy. I do really enjoy dyeing, I just don't have anything on the needles to make me want to knit. My mind says pick up the needles but my heart just isn't in it. I have 2 unfinished pairs of socks I should be working on and of course my ongoing lace project, but I just don't seem to want to cast on the second socks and haven't had the solitude or time to work on the lace.
I should be happy, I am getting to go to the Spring Fling (The Loopy Ewe retreat) at the end of April. Not only am I getting to go but 3 of my friends are all getting to go too, although I am a little sad that 1 didn't get drawn in the lottery (sorry Megann, I am still hoping for a cancellation). I really am looking forward to The Spring Fling, I will get to drive for 5 hrs with 2 of my wonderful friends and then get to meet up with Lynn when we get there, and knit for 3 whole days. That should be a ton of fun, plus get to go shopping at the Loopy Ewe and take classes with THE Wendy and Cookie!!! Ok I am getting a little inspired...should I work on new socks?? Maybe even one of Cookies designs?
You guys got anymore ideas...can you think of inspiring knits...I need that inspiration still.
Thanks Stacy

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Life must go on

I feel kinda weird about going on when we have had such an awful few weeks, but that is the way life is. Sucks that life does that, everyone else in the world are woke up this morning with gifts and laughter, but Vicki's kids are waking up with the sorrow of their first Christmas without their mother. It is really heartbreaking knowing that there is nothing I can do to make that pain go away. I wish that there was a way to make everything all better. Truth is they probably don't want that pain to go away, I know I hold on dearly to those kinds of pains myself.
I lost my baby brother in '94 he was only 19 and it was like a kick in the stomach. Just so painful and a pain that I can't describe to someone who has never experienced it. I realize I can't know what they are truly feeling, although I have been down a similar path. I remember driving down the street and seeing people smiling and laughing and wanting to scream at them for it, how could they be happy and laughing when the world had just ended. Didn't they know that! I imagine that it will be similar for them, on today of all days.
All though my heart is not really in it I feel it is necessary to share a few Christmas presents I received from my dear sweet and loving husband. It feels very trivial to share these now but well "Life must go on".

My dear Hubby had this one and 4 others made for me with the "Tempted" logo on it. It was a very thoughtful gift and I am a very lucky wife to have such a great husband.
Three of the many new Knitting t-shirts he picked out for me. Isn't he sweet, and what a sense of humor just wait till I show you the rest of them. LOL
I finally did finish the "Blanket Coat" I do love it. It is so comfortable and cozy.
I know I said something about our family having tragedies before and one of them involved my nephew Josh. He lost his left arm in an accident 3 yrs ago, he was only 13yrs old at the time. He is an amazing and resilient young man now. Our family all got together last night and while there I was working on a sock for Bob (hubby). Josh's' mom asked if I could make something for Josh to cover the end of his arm when he is not wearing his prosthetic. Since I had the sock out I asked Josh if I could see how it would fit and low and behold it was perfect. So Bob lost his sock and I did a quick round decrease sewed up the end and Josh had a sock for his arm. I felt so useful and for something really needed. He has some decreased circulation since the accident so it gets really cold, now I have a new purpose for some of my left over sock yarns. It feels great.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

In Mourning

Well first I want to thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes.

Unfortunately, Vicki lost her fight. I am really at a lose for what to say about this, it seems so unreal. Our family has been through several family tragedy's and it seemed so strange to walk around a corner at the hospital and not see her there ready to give us the latest news. I can tell you that she had a rare brain disorder that is genetic and due to that her children and grandchild will be able to get the testing that is necessary to keep this from happening to them. She would be very happy about that. She was also a organ doner and I truly hope that there will be many others that will benefit from this tragedy. Now the focus is on her husband, children and grandchild. Sorry I just don't what else to say. She will be greatly missed.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The good, The bad and the ugly

It has been an incredible week in good ways and bad.

The Bad:

I will start with the bad as it is the most important.
Last Saturday morning at about 2am my sister in law, Vicki, had a brain aneurysm. She was at work (thank God) and started feeling pain in her arms and shoulders it got bad enough that she made phone calls to her husband and brother about it. She had a co-worker drive her to a hospital in town and by the time they got her in and started questioning her she was no longer able to stay lucid. Within hours she had surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain. We got the call at 4am and while I got the little girl ready, my hubby went out to start the vehicle, unfortunately we were in the middle of the largest ice storm in OK. history and unable to leave. Since we could not go to the hospital (1hour away) we stuck it out at home waiting for calls to update us on Vicki's' status. By noon we had lost power, and with the roads icy and dangerous had no means of getting to the hospital to comfort Vicki's husband, 3 children and 1 grandchild. She was in a medical coma and our family has no way of knowing what her prognosis is. Right now a little over a week since her aneurysm we still have no idea what will happen. So I ask all you wonderful caring knitters out there for your prayers and good thoughts sent to Vicki and her family. Her children will be spending the holidays in the hospital and there is a good chance that she will not get to go to her sons high school graduation without a miracle. I thank you in advance.

The Ugly:

Well on top of our family crisis we were without power since Sat. and that was no fun at all. I have a 10yr old daughter and life without her PlayStation or computer is just Hell on earth, which means hell for me too. We spent 2 days sitting in our truck, with it running and watching movies on a portable DVD player (Harry Potter 5) it was warm and though it was a small screen it was much better then freezing in the house (40 degrees in there, I checked). We did venture out one morning to a hotel for a quick shower, and it was lousy the water smelled funny and the towels were scratchy. I shouldn't complain, it was the first shower I had had in 3 days....yuck. We managed to make it to Tulsa on Wed. and got to visit Vicki and the rest of our family. It is so hard to see someone who you are used to being in control and strong in such a venerable state. I am proud to report that her children and hubby are as strong for her as she would be for them. We made it back home on Friday and now had a generator hooked up so we had some comfort although it still wouldn't power the heater, we could at least eat and sleep (thanks to electric blankets) in some comfort. Power was fully restored on Sunday (8 days later).

The Good:

OK I have to admit I feel so guilty for all the good, with Vicki in the hospital, but I will share it and not be ungrateful.

First, while at a hotel with wifi I got a MSG. on Ravelry that I "Tempted" had been mentioned on the Lime and Violet podcast and I had to listen, which I would have anyway cause they are awesome. Sure enough Violet talked about the yarn and roving I sent her about 3 months ago. It is the Bordello colorway btw, she gave the yarn to Lime, which I expected and kept the roving and since I didn't attach a label to the roving I am not surprised that she didn't remember the name correctly. Anyway that was an amazing bright spot in a very dismal week. I was actually mentioned on Lime and Violet, that is way cool.
Second, I am privileged enough to get to get a copy of the December Sock Club pattern (perk of being the dyer of club yarn). OMG I love it and the layout is Awesome!! I feel so special and you just will have to be checking out the Loops site for the kit, look for the Ms. December Sock kit, its worth it for the layout. Kendall did a fabulous job! Can't wait to hear what you all think about it too.
Third, the Loopy Ewe just listed my yarn on there site. I can't tell you how incredible that is. Oh and I signed up for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, the last week of April. It is a weekend of knitting, spinning, visiting with other knitters, and the 2 guest teachers will be Cookie (dah... the monkey sock designer) and Wendy (Wendy Knits). I mean really how amazing would it be that within a year I will get to meet, Nikol Lohr (Naughty Needles), Zabet (The Anticraft), Jennifer Tallapaneni (designer of THE Celtic Bag in IK), Elabeth (owner of Stringtown), Shelley (owner of Loops), Robyn (Co-Owner of ReBelle) and then Sheri (Loopy Ewe), Cookie and Wendy. OMG I mean how amazing will that be!!

My family is a strong one we have been through death, amputations, sickness, paralysis, and teenagers we will make it through this too. Although we are having a crisis my family still finds it in their heart to be happy for my success and I am so thankful.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for the prayers and messages they are of great comfort.
xoxo Stacy

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Ok so this is what my power lines looked like Sunday morning. I am just happy the stayed up. Not so lucky down the road, they snapped some wire that brings power to my house. Look carefully at the tree in the background, it is usually a great round pretty tree, not so any longer. It also eventually lost the big branch to the left. The sound outside was so eerie completely silent except for the cracks and tinkle of ice and branches falling to the ground.

My poor little birdys, they couldn't even get to the seed. After the picture I broke down all the bars.
There in the background is the finished (on the outside) Studio.
Well needless to it's been a rough week.
Hope you are all safe and warm. Stacy

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a day!!! Part 5 The end I promise.

What a group huh? Several folks had to leave before this got taken but how cool is this? I look at this and I realize that I needed to take more pictures. I missed a lot of good stuff. I am so lucky that not only am I getting to do something I really love but there are others out there that love what I do too. Thank you all for being so kind and sweet, for being creative and taking a chance on me.
Me and sweet sweet Gina. Isn't she great!

Steve and his 'Wicked Witch' sock. We are currently conspiring for a complete Wizard of Oz line of yarn, what do ya think? Again another of those wonderfully encouraging knitters what would I do without them.
Ok, look close she is working on her Gumbi in 'Autumn Sun' and wearing her 'Koi in a Blender' socks. This is a devoted clubber, how do I love them!
Thank you all for making me feel so loved and welcome!
xoxo Stacy

What a day!! Part 4

Ok this is where I start to lose it, this woman was so kind and so nice and I am horrible because I cannot remember her name. There are several that I can't remember names of but please forgive me, you are very important to me. In all honesty I checked most of the others with their Ravelry Ids to make sure I was right. So please forgive me if I don't have your name here. In the picture above I am happy to say the the 'Fiesta' yarn will be this wonderful woman's first sock. I am very proud.
Here we are with another 'Koi in a Blender' sock and it was moving along swimmingly. lol
Now you have read about Gina before, she is "my biggest fan" and is definitely behind a lot of my success, no matter what she says. If you aren't in the sock club you may not have a Gumbi sock pattern but this is the designer. It is a great pattern and I really enjoyed knitting it myself so I highly recommend it. You have also heard about what a wonderful encourager Gina is, she is a great friend, Thank you Gina!

Again I am blanking on the name, so sorry. This is 'Wicked Witch' in the feather and fan pattern. I just love the way it waves. This woman was kind enough to stop in quickly and by the looks of it she just got off work. Thank you for taking the time to come by.

Wow what a day!! Part 3

Brunies (sorry if that is mis-spelled) 'Hocus Pocus' socks. Too cute and I think she said now that they got there picture taken they will be shipped off to her daughter. I am sure she will love them!
Ruth is so nice and you know me I love the knitting t-shirts. Her "Don't you wish your girlfriend could knit like me?" shirt had to make the photo. These are her '25 to life' socks they look great.
The pretty lady in the background is Kendall and omg what an incredible lady. She is the designer of the December sock club pattern and since I got the sneak peak tonight, just let me say that I don't think anyone will be disappointed. Beautiful! I love the yarn for December but Kendall really makes it shine.
Phara was very cool with her wonderful combo of the 'Hocus Pocus' with (i think) a merino solid gray. Don't those look awesome, but you really should pet them to truly appreciate them! I love it. After a little coercion I think I will have her spinning. What interior designer wouldn't be incredible given the ability to design her own yarn? Think I will get her up here to play in the dye and try out a spinning wheel. (Insert evil laugh here lol)
Ok Ann here is your picture, told ya it was a good one. Ann is working on the 'Koi in a blender' and doing a great job. Don't you love the Mobius though, it was so soft and squishy. Another one of those fantastic smiles, we seemed to have a lot of those tonight.

Wow what a day!! part 2

Tempted sock night, all I can say is OMG!!!! We had a great time and everyone was so amazing and talented!
Ok this pic is a little fuzzy, but Gina has such an incredible smile and an incredible personality to go with it. That and she is an awesome knitter.
These are her Branded socks. I think it is the only toe up sock in the group.

These are some fantastic fingerless gloves, (in Roxanne) because they are reversible and I don't mean turn them inside out. The side she is showing in the pic is with usable fingers but if you turn it upside down they cover your fingers. It was really very cool. Don't know if I explained that very well but it's the best I can do right now.
Karma get the prize for most 'Tempted' projects on needles. Yes 3 different pairs of socks going (she must have a lot of needles) and in 3 different patterns too. She has Punk Junkie, Autumn Sun and Envy colorways. I am so happy I got to meet her tonight, another beautiful smile, wish I had gotten a picture of her face with her socks. Thank you Karma!

Wow what a day part 1

My day started out busy and stayed that way all day long. Lucky for me I have friends who are willing to work cheap. Dell and Kaye made their long trek to my house in the boonies (20min). Thank goodness that they did cause I needed the moral support and the help. While I re-skeined about 10 lbs of yarn they got busy labeling them all, and laughing and laughing and laughing. I am truly a very blessed woman to have friends as wonderful as these.
Ok this is what we were working for, 50lbs of yarn to be sent out to The Loopy Ewe. The boxes don't look all that big from this view but there is 150 skeins of yarn in there which =150 pairs of socks potentially. That is really cool when you think about all new knitters that might learn to knit with a few skeins, baby booties, graduation gifts and all the other amazing things that will be created. I do have to admit I am terrified, what if she posts it and everyone hates it...well if so guess I had a good time while it lasted. Wish I could really feel that resolved about it but who am I kidding, I will be scared till it posts and I see what kind of reception it gets. Only time will tell.

Monday, December 3, 2007

There is progress!!!

Well what do ya think? The door and window belong to the Studio. It doesn't look as big as it is in this picture.

Not to pretty on the inside YET. Before to long it ought to be wall to wall yarn.
Now I have to brag a little, I got my first Christmas gift today. My wonderful and very thoughtful husband went and had a vanity plate made for me. You will all be able to see me coming with this on the front of my car. He was so sneaky too, he downloaded my logo from the computer and found someone to make it for me. The picture above is actually a sticker that they made, it will go on the door of my Studio. Since it is already dark outside (and freezing) I didn't go out and take a picture of the tag YET.

I am very excited and nervous about Sock night at Loops tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what they have made or are making. Gina has been incredible setting up a special 'Tempted' Sock Night. All are welcome and I would love to meet all my fellow knitters there. I will be taking lots of pictures of everyone with their 'tempted' items. It is so inspiring to see that you all make so many amazing things out of a bunch of colored sheep hair.
Next post will have lots of Loops Sock Night pictures!!