Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Live!!

This Blog has now been moved to www.temptedyarns.com please go check out the new pad.
Thank you
Bob and Stacy

I Have an Announcement!!!!

Tempted has finally invested in a professional Website!!! It will be the new home of the Tempted Blog. As soon as it goes live I will be posting an update.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Puppy ate my homework

OK, really I do love the puppies BUT.... they decided to play in the Cashmere/Merino! I didn't kill them but I did scream a little. OK so this is one way for me to get to keep one for myself. I have to admit I am really really looking forward to spinning this up. There are just not enough yummy words to describe how incredibly soft and and and wonderful it is. I will show you how it turns out.

Believe it or not I have been so incredibly busy. The Bono Kimono is really coming along well. I had an emergency project that had to be done and had to take a short break from it but I think I am back on track now. The Bono Kimono has really been a hit at Loops so much so that I have had to dye a bunch more glam for them and there will be another class on it this month.

To all my friends in Arkansas and Missouri I finally got the orders out to One City Market in Rogersville, MO and Little Bo Peep in Eureka Springs AR. Wow I can't tell you how excited and honored I am to have Tempted in these stores. Trust me if you are over that way go to these shops. They are the kind of places to spend hours knitting, talking and sipping tea with great friends in.

"Destiny Glam"
"Boudoir Glam"
"Caress Glam"
Just a few of the newest semi-solid Glam yarns from yours truely.

*****News Flash****
Tempted is in the process of having a little makeover, I can't wait to let you all in on all the updates!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Playing catch up

Scarlet O'Hara, Envision, and Elegance
I totally love these 3 colorways!! In fact the top one I am using for my 'Bono Kimono'. Which is really beginning to take shape, and I can't wait to wear it. I named it Scarlet O'Hara because it reminded me of a dress in 'Gone with the Wind'. The middle color is really a beautiful purple it is the purple that I had Envisioned. The bottom is a very nice eggplant color, one of those colors that is not very common or at least I haven't seen it around too much.

Introducing Terrie, the wonderful designer of the 'Bono Kimono'. She is holding a finished Bono in the 'Cherry Bomb' colorway. I think Terrie has done a wonderful job with this pattern, it is a very flattering jacket. Thanks Terrie!!

I even got to go to the Class and meet up with a lot of great women. Some I got to meet for the first time some have been blessed enough to have met before but I learned a lot about them all. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.
Jill is working with 'Foliage', I really can't wait to see how this will look when it's done!
Brunie is using 'Triple Shot' and Melissa and Ellen are using 'Gothique' and they are both looking great! It was so wonderful watching all the different yarns and seeing how they turn out. For all of you who asked about the pattern and when it would be ready, it's ready at Loops, and there is another class in September with Terrie too.
This is the progress I had made a week ago, I have gotten a little farther since then. Can't wait to see how Scarlet looks all made up. So I think I will go get to knitting.
Before I do I will share one completed project, Calm by Kim Hargreaves.
The puppies are doing great, I am still crying over Arwen and frequently calling one of them by her name but I things are getting closer to normal now. Thanks again you guys!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I want to thank you all for all the compassionate and kind words. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful friends I have as a result of knitting. You have been so kind and reassuring and I am very grateful. Not only have I gotten a lot of wonderful messages but have also had the opportunity to speak with some of you on the phone. Thanks Dru and LB!!

I am sure many of you can imagine what it was like to tell Emily about Arwen. She is 11 and was only 5 when Arwen became a part of our family so in a way they kinda grew up together. Arwen has always slept in Emily's room and has been her assurance that there are no Boogey men in the closet. She was my buddy all day and Emily's bodyguard at night (not to tough but she would bark). So after Arwen's passing Emily was as devastated as I was, so when she asked if we could find a new puppy I got right on it. Honestly I have to admit that I really didn't have the heart for it. The idea of going to look at a new puppy just didn't appeal to me at all. Emily's heart was breaking and all I could do was try to find a way to mend it a little. I agreed to take her to see puppies the next morning and yes I let her skip school, we both knew that she would only have spent the day crying anyway.

The next morning dawned and I woke up when I thought I heard Arwen bark. That kicked off my first spell of crying that morning. I got on the computer and saw that LB had been on and I knew she of all people would understand what I was feeling (I know that many of you would have also now). Druanna had been my shoulder the night before (Thank YOU) and now I called LB. She listened to me cry and talk about all I was missing and how awful my last 3 weeks had been. After I had cried and talked she said "Arwen will send you a new puppy to help you heal, and she will probably climb right up on your shoulders just like Arwen always did". Sorry LB but I really didn't take that to heart and thought it would never ever happen.

Soon it was time for Emily and I to leave and take the 2 hour drive to look at puppies. Two hours thinking and talking about Arwen. We shared many tears, talked about what a wonderful dog she was and how we will always miss her. Told each other stories about Arwen that we hadn't shared with each other before. We laughed, cried and just talked, one of those times I will never forget.

Originally we were supposed to be looking at 4 puppies but 2 had already gone to homes so there were only two left. When we first saw the puppies of course Emily was beside herself with excitement. She made her choice very quickly and 'Bella' was in her arms and and nuzzling against her neck within seconds, very fast friends. Bella's tail was wagging and Emily had a huge smile on her face. We put the other puppy back in it's cage and she immediately began to cry, I just had to get her back out. I took her and sat down in the car while I filled out some paperwork. Within seconds she had climbed up to my shoulder and settled herself down right around my neck JUST like Arwen had always done. I immediately began to cry....again. It was just like LB had said, I couldn't believe it, this little white puffball had gotten right into my heart with a wag of her tail and a simple snuggle around my neck. I called my poor husband with tears streaming down my face and told him how Emily had picked the Bella but this little girl had picked me. Poor guy not only had he lost his pet too but now here I was blubbering on the phone about getting 2 puppies, dirty pool my Dad told me later. It really wasn't at all fair to him, thank goodness he loves me so much.

Introducing Bella and Rosie. They are a real joy to have in the house and Rosie is very much like my Arwen. She loves to ride on my shoulders and is quickly becoming my shadow. They are both very happy and loving little girls. Although I truly did not think I was ready for a puppy I am very happy that I have them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am sad to say that Arwen has passed.
There is so much to say about her and her affect on my life.
She was a gift from my husband. We got her when I was dealing with a very difficult time with Arthritis. She would sit and cuddle with me when I would feel my worst. She brought me a lot of joy and happiness over the last 6 years and there will never be another like her. I don't know how she always knew when I needed her the most, but she always did and never let me down.
I will miss her very very much.

Thank you all for all the kind words and encouragement.

Arwen Evenstar
November 28th 2002 - August 26 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sleepy puppy and what will be a coat

Isn't she cute! Arwen has been a sleepy dog today, kinda weird she will walk and walk till I lay her down then she is exhausted. I really hoped that she would go sit down or lay down on her own when she got tired but NO she just keeps walking in her circles. Although, I asked her if she wanted to dance (get a treat, it's her only trick) and she tried to and would follow me in a straight line as long as I had the treat. That is progress, I am really looking forward to having her back to normal.
Big ol' Isle of Glam. 10 skeins of Glam all to be dyed in Foliage for designer Terrie one of the dearly beloved Loops Troops at Loops . She recently designed the 'Bono Kimono' (pattern available after August 23) out of the Tempted Glam Grrl yarn. She requested that I dye her enough for her to make a coat, can't wait to see what she makes with it. This is the largest singular dye project I have done and am really looking forward to see how it all comes out. Many of you know that I do a lot of custom dye work and basically that is what this is just enough of one dye lot for a large project. If you ever want enough Tempted for a larger project always feel free to contact me, I will do the best I can.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Arwen Update and Yarn P*rn

She isn't looking too bad. She is eating and drinking well and all of her systems seem to working well. All is well except she continues to walk around in circles. She can straighten up if you are offering cheese or chicken so I am thinking we are on our way to a full recovery. I am very happy she is doing as well as she is considering the Vet said it is a miracle she survived at all. Don't know what I would do without my little shadow. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers for Arwen, they really encouraged me at times when I began to get very discouraged. Thank you!
YES...YES....YES (Meg Ryan impersonation)....YEEEEEEEEESSSSS it is Wollmeise!!!!! Isn't is beautiful, I know I talked about meeting Claudia at the Spring Fling but I don't know if I mentioned that we were planning to make a yarn trade. Well this is what I got from Claudia today. We decided to surprise one another with the colors and I hope she is a fraction as happy with what I sent her. Wow really these are so so so perfect for me. Thank you THANK YOU Claudia. I love them.
Sorry for the horrible picture. I also got a package from White Lies Designs. The picture is of the 4 patterns I ordered. All gorgeous and hopefully they will actually materialize into sweaters at some point in the future.
Now I have been looking at the Wrap/Cardigan for as long as I have been seriously knitting I think. I finally broke down and bought the entire kit. I figure if I bought the whole thing I will be much more likely to cast on, imagine that huh.

Finally, I want the thank Tammy and Kate of the Knit Together Podcast. They asked to interview me for the podcast and I can't tell you how honored I am. What wonderful interviewers too, I felt so comfortable and easy. The theme for this podcast was Temptation and I seemed to fit right in there, lol. I really enjoyed talking to them and am looking forward to a long freindship. Thank you girls, can't wait till you come for your visit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Arwen, not up to dancing but she is home.

Just had to post this to show how sweet my little pup is, of course if she were feeling better she probably wouldn't be that still. She is drinking and eating the high calorie paste OK, which is a great sign. Thanks again everybody, you guys are the best!!

Busy Thursday and Arwen update.

First things first, we just went to pick Arwen up at the Vets office. She is drinking water and she will eat the high calorie paste but not taking solid food yet. Although she is still not herself she is getting closer. I went to visit her yesterday morning and left absolutely terrified, she looked exactly the same as before (Dr. was in Surgery and couldn't talk to me). He called later and said that it may be a month or more before she is close to where she was before and that her drinking and eating is the most important thing right now. I felt better just knowing that he believes she will be herself again. When we went to pick her up today she was out in a run and had her nose in a corner just standing there, but when she heard my voice she turned and actually walked toward me!!!!!! That is a HUGE improvement! I have her home now and I have her bed by me on the couch and she started trying to climb me to get on the back of the couch, that is normal Arwen behavior I am so happy to see some improvement! I will keep you posted.

Now for the BIG Thursday. I got to take a trip to Loops and deliver this big box of yarn. Look as hard as you want the Sock Club yarns are well hidden by the Eclipse (dk gray) and the Triple Shot (Brown). Speaking of the Glam yarns the amazing Terrie Fadem one of the members of the amazing Loops Troops designed this gorgeous kimono. It is called the Bono Kimono and is just an amazing and versatile little sweater. LOVE IT!! In fact I love it so much that I signed up for her class for it on August 23. I am custom dyeing all the yarns for those using the glam yarn for it and am having a wonderful time. The original was knit in 'Cherry Bomb'. My problem is that I can't decide which colors I want to use for mine. Shelley will have several different colors to choose from at the class including, Cherry Bomb, Eclipse, Triple Shot, Foliage, and Gothique. I am seriously considering either Foliage or Gothique for myself. I would love to see some of you in the class, hint hint.

Oh and I had to share a gift I received from my Dad this week. Girls Gone Wine , isn't that the cutest thing. It is one of those small wineries in OK and I can't wait to open up this bottle. I think I will have to order more. Wouldn't this be amazing gifts for all your girlfriends.
Thanks Dad!!!
Think I will go cuddle my dog now. Thanks again for all the kind messages.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arwen Update

First I want to say thank you so much for all the well wishes here, on Plurk and on Ravelry. They have meant a great deal to me.

Arwen will be spending the next couple of days at the Vet. She began walking around in circles, unable to walk straight at all. She obviously knows the voices of all the family members but is not able to come to us. He believes she may have some inner ears problems or her brain is swelling. That is the bad news, good news is that he believes she will recover.

I have been very side tracked by all that has happened and am trying to get my work done. I have almost got all the sock club reskeined, but honestly very little else has gotten done. School starts on Thursday so that has also made things a little crazy.

Thanks again for all the well wishes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Arwen

I am whining today the last 24 hours it seems that there has been nothing but bad news. I won't go into the details that involove my friends and family but the most recent event is all mine so...

My routine in the morning is to let my little (6-7lb) Maltese 'Arwen' outside. Many of you know that we live out in the boonies and so not really any reason to be to worried about letting her out. Today I got busy answering e-mail and re-skeining the sock club yarns and hadn't realized that Arwen hadn't scratched on the door to come back in. When I did realize she wasn't here Emily and I went out and started yelling for her. Our big dog 'Buddy' started talking to me, not too unusual for him, and as I walked down the road fearing that Arwen had for some reason decided to go down the road and been hit (typically she stays very close to the house). I walked up and down in front of our drive way, with Buddy shadowing me and talking. I started back to the house and was about to go out in the pasture, as I looked back Buddy was standing in the middle of the road still "talking". I yelled for him to get out of the road and then turned and continued toward the house when all the sudden I heard a very high pitched yelping. Buddy was now on the other side of the road in some tall weeds and had his paw on Arwen. Guess he figured since I wouldn't listen to him he would have to make Arwen talk for herself. I had walked right past her at least 3 times calling for her and she hadn't made a sound.
"Our Hero, Buddy"
It looked much worse then it was, she was unable to move due to the weeds that were tied so tightly around her tail and leg that I had to cut her loose. After getting her cut loose I looked her over and decided to try to pick her up. She made no protest and let me carry her without even a whimper. We rushed to the Vets office and apparently she had been dragged for a while and has puncture wounds in 2 feet and her nose. The Vet says it looks like she was attacked by another dog and he was surprised that she survived the attack. My guess is Buddy ran the dog off and kept her safe till I got there. She is able to walk and doesn't seem to be hurt as badly as I first thought. As I right this she is laying next to me sleeping soundly and has had her pain medicine. She tried to get in my lap and I think that is a great sign.

This pic was taken while she was napping a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little update

This is the little person who took me hostage over the weekend. She is my niece and I hadn't seen her since Christmas. Isn't she precious!
Last Tuesday was label the yarn day, and of course I put Kaye and Del to work. All the pretty handwriting is Del's she has much better handwriting then I do. Oh and they also started the Kiri shawl, I hope to show you pictures of their progress soon.

One more new yarn, should be in one of the upcoming Sneak-ups on The Loopy Ewe. I really love this one, bright and joyful a very happy yarn. LOL I am beginning to sound like Bob Ross.

Monday, July 28, 2008

See I am back to normal

The week since our return has been extremely busy but I did take a little time to spin. I also got a whole lot of dyeing done and here are a few samples .
I have to say this picture is a total disappointment. The color is so much more intense and deep then the picture shows.

This one reminds of corn just waiting to be shucked, or a John Deere tractor. LOL I thought it was a Farmgirl kinda color. What do you think?

Again I am very disappointed in the picture and again the colors are very intense.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knitting/Dyeing will resume I promise

Couldn't help but put this pic in, isn't that a great scenery. Rolling hills of Missouri.
"One City Market"
I got to stop by this amazing little shop while in MO. and I mean amazing!! I love it!! Lisa on the right is the owner and she is so kind and relaxed. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was at home and all I had to do was say hello. This shop is in an old farm house and is decorated so wonderfully one of my favorite touches are the chairs. See all the old yard chairs, took me back to my Granny's back yard, I love love love it. As I was saying Lisa made me feel at home immediately and I highly recommend making a trip to Rogersville MO to check out this shop. Rogersville is just a bit east of Springfield and not difficult to find.
Lisa also manages to fill the place with yarn without making you feel overwhelmed. She also has a wonderful selection of common yarns but also carries a lot of hard to find or rare yarns and fibers.
After my trip to One City Market I got to go to lunch with one of my Spring Fling buddies, Tammy. She directed us to a great little Mexican Restaurant in Springfield. It was so nice to see her again and am really looking forward to her and some friends joining me here for a dyeing weekend. Thanks Tammy for taking the time out of your day to meet with me and my family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I will get back to real life eventually...Really I will

We had never ridden on a train till now. OMG if you are ever unable to sleep go get on a train. It was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be, in fact it was boring.
Just ask Emily she broke out her Nintendo, and totally ignored the scenery. Really it was just rocks and trees and then trees and rocks.
Now this was exciting, she is second from the left and rode this one twice in a row. This is at Silver Dollar City in Branson MO. SDC is great for several reasons, not only is it a very nice amusement park but it is has many local artisans who set up shop within the park. We visited a weaver, candle makers, basket maker and a lye soap maker. They were all so interesting.
Emily got to dip her own candles, she said later that she enjoyed that as much as the rides.
Another thing that is very impressive is that the park is built on top of a cavern. The Marvel Caves were VERY impressive, I am not sure you can tell in this picture but we had came down about 100 feet from that hole the sunlight is coming thru. There is a steep staircase there if you look closely.
I know I haven't been quick with the updates but I keep having problems of one kind or another. This entire week has been devoted to dyeing up a whole lot of yarn. I have been very busy and so that is the only excuse I can give.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More site seeing in Eureka Springs and a trip to Little Bo Peep's

We got to do a little more site seeing in Eureka Springs, took the trolley all through the historic district. It was so incredible driving up and down the streets lined with beautiful Victorian homes. We decided to get off at the Crescent Hotel and walked around the fantastic and very well manicured grounds. Emily said she absolutely did not want to stay in that Hotel but after seeing it in person she has changed her mind. Next trip to Eureka we will try to get a room here.

After our day of touring Eureka Springs we went to the The Great Passion Play. Just before the play we were walking around the grounds and saw a little bunny so I had to snap a picture. Can you find the little bunny? It's right next to the light pole, I was very surprised at how close he let us get.

OK now for some knitting related content.
What a great name for a yarn shop huh!
This shop is so cozy and comfortable I really enjoyed my time there. Wish I could have sat and knit for a while. I did get to meet some of the regulars to the shop and what a great bunch of women.
Now doesn't that look inviting. This is just the front room of the shop, there are 2-3 more rooms filled with yarn and antiques. Michelle, the owner, is a delightful woman with a lot of enthusiasm and also is a beginning spinner can't wait to see what she makes next. I am also pleased to announce the soon Tempted will be one of the yarns in her shop, I am really looking forward to working with her. I hope I will get to visit every once in a while too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 2

Not the best pic but it was taken during the beautiful thunderstorm.
Really enjoyed our trip through Onyx Cave.
Downtown Eureka Springs. For all of the other Ghost Hunter fans out there the large building at the top is the Crescent Hotel. The important part is that I climbed a 100 ft tall tower to get this picture. I had to really focus to get back down, I am a little afraid of heights I think. My legs are killing me but it was worth it.
We also took a ride on the 'Belle of the Ozarks' on Beaver Lake. Doesn't she look beautiful!!

Yarn store Tomorrow, she closed within a few minutes of us finding a parking spot and the sign says it will be open again in the morning.
Have a wonderful week everyone!