Thursday, January 31, 2008

You would think frogs would hibernate in this weather

Out my back door at 8am. The snow started at 5am and by noon we had about 6 inches of snow on the ground. It was so beautiful coming down, the biggest flakes I think I have ever seen. Would have been a wonderful day to sit warm, cozy and tooth was killing me!!!!! If you happened to read my last post you know that I had a tooth pulled 8 days ago. I ended up with dry socket. I went back to the dentist on Monday, it felt better immediately after his treatment. Well I had to remove the gauze today and it began hurting all over again, even Darvocet didn't help. So in the "Blizzard" (lol, I know, but this is Oklahoma its as close as it gets) my DH drove me back to the dentist. Now I have the heavy duty medicine in there and am feeling much better.
I love everything about my gloves EXCEPT the thumb! So what to do? I love the way the color knited up, the changing of the colors as I knit it is fantastic. So what do I do....I will frog it, UGH I hate to frog anything. Really I hate it and most the time I will just live with or alter something to make it work. I know that if I want to save the gloves I will have to frog it.
Not sure if you can see it in the picture but the thumb is on the palm in this pattern and since I want a tight fitting glove this will not do. See what I get when I follow a pattern!
Anybody know of a good glove pattern? Basic glove patterns have been hard to find, of course I guess all I really have to do is find one of the many fingerless patterns and put fingers in it. If you have a pattern you have liked please let me know.
I have been doing a lot of dyeing in the last few days, got some good new colorways. Well, I think they are good. Hopefully you will be seeing them soon in a store near you. I will share pics later, promise.
xoxo Stacy

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another day in paradise........

Not a great picture, but at least it shows I am doing something. I am going to make my first pair of gloves or at least I think I am. This is the Merino/Silk that I spun up last week, it is so smooth and soft and it whispered to me "gloves, I want to be gloves".
This picture is not doing this yarn justice at all! If you use your imagination a little, it is a deep purple with black and a little of a red tint every once in a while. At some point I will get a good picture of it. Why do I post an inaccurate picture of yarn......because I just made it and wanted to share. Remember, I dye yarn, I'm not a photographer. lol

OK so now for my sad story of this week. I had a toothache on my lower left molar and went to the dentist on Wednesday. It was a tooth I had a root canal on a year ago, a 3 hour root canal!! Apparently they didn't get all the nerve out and it was causing pain again. My options where to have another root canal or pull the tooth. I knew I did not want to go through another 3 hr root canal so I asked "How long will it take to pull the tooth?" The dental assistant said 15 minutes including numbing the area. Ok I said "lets just pull it". I get the shot to numb the area at about 9:05am, he starts pulling the tooth at 9:15. I finally get out of the chair at 10:40. It took almost an hour and a half!! Not a fun day. Really, he was pulling the tooth the entire time. So by the time I got home, the numbness was wearing off and I was beginning to feel the pain and quickly took a pain pill. The pain just doesn't seem to want to go away, and now I am fairly certain that I have dry socket. It is throbbing and I have a horrible taste in my mouth. Of course it's a weekend and nothing to do till Monday but take pain pills. YUCK!!
Please forgive me if you have gotten garbled or crazy msgs from me or if I don't remember talking to you this week. Pain pills are a glorious thing when you really need them but they can also be a real pain in the a** and mess with your memory. I hate taking them but I REALLY hate hurting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wendy, spinning and custom colors

Ok the biggest news of the week!!!! Wendy Knits is using Tempted "Roxanne" in her latest socks. Oh and they are a part of the Wollmeise contest, how amazing is that! I had no idea until a friend on Ravelry sent me a message, then I got another message, then a phone call all Congratulating me. I am very honored that she is enjoy the yarn, and she is enjoying it, I asked her. lol Couldn't help it I had to say thank you.
Spun 2 bobbins full, of some super yummy Merino/Silk. One of a kind colorway, well for now. I like the way it is turning out so I will probably end up dyeing some more, and maybe a sock yarn. I am disappointed how the picture turned out though, the blue/turquoise color is actually teal. In fact it is a beautiful color of Teal so its a real shame it isn't showing up like I want it to. I even got most of it plied. I am trying to decide what I am wanting to make with it.
I might make Emmy some new gloves but seeing that it is handspun and they won't actually match, I wonder if she would actually wear them. She might look at it like Dolly Partons coat of many colors, lol. Yep just verified it with her "I will just wear them at home...Unless the look really cool" I will give her a break she is a 10 yr old. My response is that I will just make them for
me and she can barrow them if they look cool. I might even have enough for a hat too!
This is a new colorway, "Rowena". I am disappointed with this picture too. The color is really a very deep blue with a brownish/yellow highlight. It was a special request and I really am so happy about dyeing it. I love special orders, encourages me to make colorways I might not have thought of before. This is for a Swap, hope the swap partner LOVES it!
Speaking of I am participating in my first ever swap for the The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. Ok do you think it would be wrong to send "Tempted" to my swap partner, would that be cheating. The limit is $30 so they would actually get more. Would it be seen as tacky? I really need opinions on this so please let me know what yours is.
I cannot express how very excited I am about the opportunity to go. I will expound on this many times I am sure between now and April.
Hope you are all having a great week!
xoxo Stacy

Friday, January 18, 2008


I have been struggling with being inspired in my knitting lately. I finished my blanket coat, but unlike normal I didn't have an exciting and anticipated project ready to or already started. You may believe that I sit around knitting socks all the time and although I do usually have a pair on the needles, I always have a big project going too. At the moment I NEED to knit the second sock of 2 pairs of socks, and I have my large lace shawl on the needles also. I love all these projects but at the moment I am not IN love with them. I have been flirting a little with the Sophia cardigan in Debbie Bliss Rialto (sorry couldn't find a great link) and am trying to get excited but I am struggling with getting the 10 mins uninterrupted that will be required to count out the 189 cast on stitches, so it's not getting off to a good start. I say all this to explain my knitting state of mind when I stepped into Loops yesterday.
Yesterday was the Louisa Harding workshop. The main room of Loops was set up with chairs encircling the room, 2 tables covered in many of Louisa's finished designs. As the workshop began and Louisa began to speak, it became a bit mesmerizing. She told her story about youth, dreams, talents and opportunities, and how regular life happens though out. She told about her education in the Arts and her eventual return to her first love Textiles. Like many of us, Louisa deals with the joys and stresses of being a wife, mother and business woman. As a designer she is very in touch with the female form and how to drape it in a very flattering way. It was such an amazing story of how a woman is devoted to designing for women!
Like many of us she began her love of fiber, thread, fabrics and the beloved button tin at her grandmothers knee. I actually teared up thinking of my granny and her never idle hands at work. As a child playing in her buttons, knitting needles, crochet hooks and the tiny pieces of discarded thread, yarn and fabric. Getting to play under the quilt tops as she lovingly made every stitch. I wonder how many of you have similar memories? Incredible that even though we where raise in different countries, cities and cultures some things are just universal.
I left with a wonderful, joyful, and elated feeling. I am inspired! I am not sure which of her exquisite designs will find there way onto my needles but I have 2 books and am starting
my research. I'll let you know when I decide.
Louisa is in that beautiful gray sweater, of course one of her designs. I do have to comment on how wonderful Gina's Juliet sweater turned out.
Aren't they beautiful! I promised pretty pictures lol.

I was so happy to get to meet some of the most wonderful women yesterday, many I had met on Ravelry but getting to meet them in person was incredible. Knitters are just awesome people! I love you all!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New what to do.

Not sure if you can see the Silver in this yarn but it actually does have real silver in it. It is really pretty and should make some pretty flashy socks. What do you guys think? Would you make a pair of sparkly socks? Would you even buy Silver yarn? It does really look pretty in the pink and gray.

This is the sample of a 80% wool/20% nylon yarn I got yesterday. I have been looking for a good wool/nylon blend yarn for months, looking for something with the extra strength and a soft, smooth texture. This one isn't too bad. The first time I have dyed in strictly primary colors, turned out really pretty cool.

I am posting this because I thought it was a really nice picture of a new yarn.

Ok all you other LYS stalkers...most of our favorite pushers are at Market this weekend so you know what that yarns!!!!! All you Pushers out there be careful out there and come back home safe and sound.
xoxo Stacy

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love those socks.

What do ya think of those tootsies?

My dear sweet and constant friend Dell finished her 'Thigh High' socks. I am so proud of her!! She has a truly drool-worthy sock yarn collection, and I am proud that one of my yarns became a finished object (FO).

Today of all days I want to be sure to comment about what incredible women I am blessed enough to have in my life. I have some incredible and loving friends who are my support when I feel weak and my encouragement when I am discouraged. Not only am I blessed with these friends but a loving, generous, and unwavering husband who loves me, through all my moodiness, self-doubt, and discouragement and is constantly reminding me of his love for me.
Thank you and I will never take you for granted.
I also want to let all the LYS's who have accepted my Yarns that I am truly grateful for their faith in me and for making this enterprise so successful. Thank you all!!! Loops, Stringtown, ReBelle, and also the wonderful The Loopy Ewe.
I love you all!!