Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That reminds me of a Song. (Spring Fling)

Kaye, Wendy, and Del

Our first night in St. Louis. OK this should give you an idea of how amazing our weekend was.

Got to tell you a little of the back story. Del told us that liquor is cheaper in Missouri so we didn't get any to take. We had been told by Wendy's alter ego/toady L-B that Wendy preferred a specific type of Irish Whiskey. So all the way to St. Louis we are looking for a liquor store little did we know that just about every grocery store is a liquor store. Duh... So we pull into St. Louis without the Irish Whiskey and were very disappointed, we really wanted to give a bottle to Wendy. As soon as we walked in the door Wendy looked up and smiled, what a beautiful smile she has. I got a big hug from her like we where old friends.. Thanks L-B. Needless to say I felt extremely special. Later that evening we did get to take Wendy out for her Irish Whiskey. BTW I was in my local liquor store yesterday and they have Wendy's favorite Irish Whiskey! UHhhhhhhh
Wendy and me

That woman never goes anywhere without her knitting not even to get her picture taken with her adoring fans. Loved her class it made toe up socks soooooo easy.

Cookie A. and me

We each bought yarn to match our hair, how cool is that! Not that anyone who might read this blog would need this intro but this is the Cookie A. Her class was wonderful and if you ever get the chance, take it. I have to admit that I will be leaving the sock design up to her. Del even started her first Monkey Socks, although I hear she ripped them out and is starting over :-( .

Me and Lynn

I also got to meet up with my most famous guest dyer, Lynn . We where roomies and didn't get to spend nearly enough time with each other.

This is the Queen of the Stash Meagan , now this girl can shop! Funny thing is I felt like part of the paparazzi, there had to be 10 cameras flashing in her direction at this moment. I just loved getting to talk face to face with her, she has been a part of the Tempted Sock Club since its beginning. LOVE HER!!

Julie and Lynn
I was honored to be asked to dye the yarns for the Spring Fling Swap, for each of them, which they gave to each other. If you have seen the 'Jewels' colorway at the Loopy Ewe, you will be happy to know that it was dyed for Julie. I am so grateful that they let me be a part of it. I wish I had gotten a picture of Alice my swap partner wearing the socks she made from the yarn I sent her. What was I thinking just talking and not taking any pictures!! Alice you are awesome and I am also sad I didn't get a picture taken with you.

From left to right, Janice , Kellie and Sheri . Some of the nicest people I may ever meet. Wow Sheri you really know how to pick good friends, Janice is just plain awesome and what a smile! Kellie traveled all the way from New Zealand, talk about devotion to your sock yarn.

These are Claudia's feet. Yes the Wollmeise herself. My biggest shock ever, when she actually came up and asked my about my shiny yarn. SHE knew me!!!!! Wow!! We all got a skein of her yarn in our goodie bags, my very first Wollmeise yarn. I LOVE IT!!!

Del and Kaye shopping and they can really shop too. I tell you what, shopping at The Loopy Ewe is exhausting but makes us sooo sooooo happy!!

Now I am looking for a confession, who took these awesome pictures cause I know I didn't. LOL

I know that they were taken at The Loopy Ewe but that's about all I know. I think it was Tammy, but I maybe way off. I really don't care, I would love to take credit for them.

I Love my Gray Ladies, aren't they pretty. Kaye is the tall one and Del is the short one, everyone was asking which was which. Just because they look sweet and innocent doesn't make it so, they both have a wicked sense of humor. Don't you wish you could spend your Tuesdays with us, laughing and knitting?
This is from our Friday night dinner, a table for 12 takes a while to get, and don't ask for a frozen Margarita cause the waiter will try to talk you out of it. That is a whole other story, and a funny one. What a wonderful group of women!!

The one person I don't have a picture of is Allen of Numma Numma, we had such a wonderful time and if you get the chance get some of her yarn, get it. She has got some great new stuff coming up so I plan on watching out for it and I suggest that you do the same. I love love love her new base yarn. If anyone from the Fling has a picture of Allen and I together I would love to borrow it.

Needless to say I had a wonderful time and given the chance me and my minion's/entourage/handlers will be going back!!

Ok the last thing I will share with you is the song.
Serenading Sheri
There are some seriously talented lady's!! Tammy wrote this song, now that took some talent, and we only practiced once, cool huh! I said HUH!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have been sucked into the Harry Potter 5 swap and It's Spring time.

First let me start with these!


They both were sold very quickly but I will dye more and if you are wanting some reserved for you please email me at . I have only participated in one other swap before but this one looks like so much fun I don't think I can pass it up. Lots of games and fun plus a great reason to read the book AGAIN. If you are interested the sign up starts and ends in the next few weeks at the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap . Honestly I just signed up today and have not had a chance to research it a lot. I am looking forward to it and absolutely loved dyeing these yarns.

Yesterdays Stitch and Bitch, we met in town and had Lunch. I gave my slave laborers the day off, see I am a nice person. We are all 3 so excited right now because tomorrow morning we are leaving for The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling in St.Louis!! Honestly right now I am a little stressed, trying to remember all the things I have forgotten. I am planning on spinning, knitting, taking 2 classes and getting to shop at Loopy Central along with meeting some amazing and creative women!

Spring in Oklahoma, oh and they smell so pretty.
I hadn't had a chance to introduce you all to our Big Boy 'Buddy', he is a Shepard/Husky mix. He can be a little scary if he doesn't know you but overall he is just a big 'ol puppy.

I am also proud to announce the arrival of our brand new Grand-puppy. Amanda and her dh just got Billy and of course like any good puppy he is keeping them up all night. Isn't he adorable!! Also he is so tiny, Arwen really wasn't sure about having him in her house. Now Arwen is only 6 lbs so you can see how tiny this little guy is.

Isn't he sweet.

I just thought this was a great picture, I love living out here in the middle of nowhere.
I will be posting next week with lots of pictures and maybe a few stories from the Spring Fling!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No dyeing today, life inturrupts art.

"Puppy Love"
This was actually dyed a few days ago, was up on Etsy and is already gone. I am sure I will dye more, if you want it though please let me know I will be happy to put it aside for you.

I have been in the car most of the day so very little yarn related work has been done. I haven't even had the chance to knit a stitch. I will soon remedy that! I am still working on the Mystic Light shawl, I have made it through the 2nd clue and am about halfway through the 3rd. I know I won't be the first to finish but at least I am ahead of L-B. LOL Just kidding and you know I love you!!

Ok a week from today I leave for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, I am so excited!!!! I only have one real problem, I am a terribly disorganized person and so my knitting stuff is all over the house. Now I HAVE to get all the necessary items into a bag and all the way to St. Louis. Now I wonder if I am really capable of doing it. My husband will laugh his butt off when I get there without scissors or a darning needle and Kaye and Dell will kill me when we are half way there and I want to turn back for my camera. Don't laugh it could very well happen! Ok so I need to start a list and check off everything as I pack it. So tell me what do YOU think is in the perfect knitting bag. HELP!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a day

Yes it is dark and light mauve/pink. It makes me think of my Granny's house, she probably wouldn't approve of the name but she would definitely be proud of me.

This is a beautiful green, not teal like 'Nymph'.

Two new colors in the Glam yarn available today on Etsy.

I know it looks like madness but we were having so much fun and laughing like crazy so I had to take picture. Once again I put Dell and Kaye to work, they slaved half the day away. Many of you know that we will be leaving for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in a little over a week so we spent most of the day planning. I just know I will get there and not have scissors or something else silly. We are all very excited and all a little nervous. We will be getting to meet so many famous (in the knitting world) people. Kaye and Dell are really nervous about the classes, they are planning on sitting in the back and being very quiet. Lol As I have said before they are much better knitters then they think they are, don't let them fool you. LOL

Monday, April 14, 2008

See what happens when you make a special request

I just had to show you all what happens when you need something special. This is a special request yarn that was ordered last week. I am really happy with how it turned out. I am thinking that in the next few weeks I will have to do it again and put it up on Etsy.
We have done a lot of special dye jobs recently and I have to say it is really an exciting part of the job (job, ha ha not really a job is it).

Tomorrow Dell and Kaye will be over and I am really looking forward to seeing how far they have gotten on their socks. I hope to have new and exciting pictures to show you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

3 Different Toe up socks from left to right Dell's, Mine and Kaye's.
Dell's very pretty Pagoda Sock.
I honestly don't know the name of Kaye's sock but I do know that she is doing it in the Nymph Glam colorway and it looks amazing! Too bad you can't really see all the sparkle in it.
Another beautiful sunset in Oklahoma. It probably happened all over the world tonight but this was what it looked like out my front door.

OK I have been very busy this week, really it has been plain crazy. I got all the Sock Club yarn delivered to Loops this week, and a ton of Glam yarn dyed and you will just have to guess where all that will be going. I have added it up and I think I have dyed almost 150 skeins of yarn this last week. Ok for some of you that may not sound like much but for us it is a lot. More to come.........

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick update!!

No pics today sorry.

Wanted to give a quick heads up, I added several skeins of Glam Grrl to the Etsy shop!!! There will be more once I get the pictures taken.

It has been a very busy week!! I promise I will update more later.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not so Lazy Sunday

I had to take this through the screen in the window, but when I said pose they all jumped in and did there best.
Aren't they gorgeous!! You should see them fight, they pick and peck at each other constantly. Can you imagine a similar color in yarn???? Oh but Golden finch is not a good name, well not for yarn anyway.
I have been working on my shawl but rather slowly over this weekend. I have been busy, spent all day yesterday dyeing and all day today re-skeining. I was supposed to be working in the garden... what will be the garden when I get to working on it. I will get it done at some point and before it's too late. Really I will!! Really!!

I am going to make a request. If any any of you have requested custom dyeing would you please contact me again. I know that I have lost one and really don't want to let anyone down.
Thank you so much!!

There will be more Glam yarn going up on the Etsy site but probably not untill later this week...probably, maybe earlier if I work fast enough.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I am sooooo spoiled!

I got so excited at the last Sneak Up that I got a little carried away and look how I spoiled myself. I bought 3 patterns, 2 skeins of yarn, stitchmarkers and last but not least an Offhands Designs Tonya bag. I am really looking forward to changing my handbag again.

I got to thinking that wouldn't it be nice to have a nice brown semi-solid in Glam and so here it is and in a few minutes I will post a couple on Etsy.
I know you have seen this one before but it is going up with the 'Java' on Etsy so just wanted to give you a heads up.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

I had hoped that you would be able to see the beautiful intensity of the Red sun in this picture. Like everywhere else in the world we have some incredible sunsets. I have been blessed in many ways, one being that I live in a very rural area of Oklahoma and the sky's are very open. You should see the night sky out here, no street lights to ruin it just a pure unadulterated sky. It is beautiful and inspirational, just take a look at 'Gothique'. Doesn't that look like an amazing night sky?
A few days ago I showed you Kaye's sock she had started, she did get one of the inaugural skeins but I will be posting 2 skeins for sell on my Etsy page soon. All the others are to go to The Loopy Ewe.

I do have to say that this looks amazing knitted up!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wow an amazing 24 hours

Ok I have to share my newest purchase from Etsy. These are from Lima Pop Shoppe , aren't they beautiful!! I have bought stitch markers from her before and they work wonderfully without ever snagging even the most delicate of yarns.

She packages them so well too. I just love her work.

The last 24 hours have kind of been a whirlwind for me. Many of you have come upon me due to the wonderful and talented Wendy. Wendy is an amazing knitter, have you seen the sweater she is working on? Anyway I just want to say Thank you again for everyone who has believed in 'Tempted'.
The Glam yarn in 12 colors went up on The Loopy Ewe last night and sold out in a little less then 2 hours. It just amazed me how fast all the Glam Grrl sold out!!

This is how I spent my day, dyeing up a whole bunch more Glam Grrl yarn!!
A waterfall of Glam.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SnB and Turkeys...what a title.

Here's Kaye um' I mean Dell. LOL Love you Dell I really do know you are not Kaye. Yesterday was our little SnB that we have almost every Tuesday. We had a wonderful time and we laughed so much that my ribs are sore today. We are currently spending most of our time together talking and planning our trip to St.Louis to The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. We are all very excited about this trip. I cannot wait to get to meet all of the wonderful Loopy Groupies that will be there. We also had a special guest yesterday via phone, L-B joined is for a few minutes and that was one of the highlights of the day. I have been so blessed not only with my wonderful family but with many amazing friends both here and all over the world! Thank you all you make my life so rich.
Really, this is Kaye. She is working on the beginning of her 10th toe up sock. You should ask her how many she has finished. LOL When we get to the Spring Fling it will be a riot to see her and Dell in Wendy's class, I hope I get to see it!!! They are much better knitters then they let on, don't let them fool you. I have seriously thought of how I could set them up at the Fling but I better be good seeing that it is a 5 hour drive back.
This is Kaye's new sock yarn, she started it yesterday.
It is so so so much prettier in person. In fact Kaye told me several times I was wasting my time taking pictures because it would not show up anywhere near as pretty as it is in person. In fact all of it that has been dyed is already sold. I will not be able to share with you what I am dying up today because it is Sock Club so it's still a secret. mwahhhh haaaa haaaa haaaa
I had to share this picture taken yesterday evening. Right out my back door. These are about 11 wild turkeys just outside our yard in the pasture. The turkey on the far left had just been all puffed up and strutting, in fact he was in the process of picking a fight it was just amazing to watch. Wish I had gotten a picture of that!
I know there are a lot of people who don't enjoy country living and you are welcome to your opinion, but I absolutely LOVE it!! It's quiet, I know everyone around me, I can even still run an account at the little store closest to my house. Oh and I have to say being on a small postal route definitely has it's advantages, and I have the best postmistress ever. The only downside is that Starbucks is 30 minutes away.