Monday, July 28, 2008

See I am back to normal

The week since our return has been extremely busy but I did take a little time to spin. I also got a whole lot of dyeing done and here are a few samples .
I have to say this picture is a total disappointment. The color is so much more intense and deep then the picture shows.

This one reminds of corn just waiting to be shucked, or a John Deere tractor. LOL I thought it was a Farmgirl kinda color. What do you think?

Again I am very disappointed in the picture and again the colors are very intense.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knitting/Dyeing will resume I promise

Couldn't help but put this pic in, isn't that a great scenery. Rolling hills of Missouri.
"One City Market"
I got to stop by this amazing little shop while in MO. and I mean amazing!! I love it!! Lisa on the right is the owner and she is so kind and relaxed. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was at home and all I had to do was say hello. This shop is in an old farm house and is decorated so wonderfully one of my favorite touches are the chairs. See all the old yard chairs, took me back to my Granny's back yard, I love love love it. As I was saying Lisa made me feel at home immediately and I highly recommend making a trip to Rogersville MO to check out this shop. Rogersville is just a bit east of Springfield and not difficult to find.
Lisa also manages to fill the place with yarn without making you feel overwhelmed. She also has a wonderful selection of common yarns but also carries a lot of hard to find or rare yarns and fibers.
After my trip to One City Market I got to go to lunch with one of my Spring Fling buddies, Tammy. She directed us to a great little Mexican Restaurant in Springfield. It was so nice to see her again and am really looking forward to her and some friends joining me here for a dyeing weekend. Thanks Tammy for taking the time out of your day to meet with me and my family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I will get back to real life eventually...Really I will

We had never ridden on a train till now. OMG if you are ever unable to sleep go get on a train. It was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be, in fact it was boring.
Just ask Emily she broke out her Nintendo, and totally ignored the scenery. Really it was just rocks and trees and then trees and rocks.
Now this was exciting, she is second from the left and rode this one twice in a row. This is at Silver Dollar City in Branson MO. SDC is great for several reasons, not only is it a very nice amusement park but it is has many local artisans who set up shop within the park. We visited a weaver, candle makers, basket maker and a lye soap maker. They were all so interesting.
Emily got to dip her own candles, she said later that she enjoyed that as much as the rides.
Another thing that is very impressive is that the park is built on top of a cavern. The Marvel Caves were VERY impressive, I am not sure you can tell in this picture but we had came down about 100 feet from that hole the sunlight is coming thru. There is a steep staircase there if you look closely.
I know I haven't been quick with the updates but I keep having problems of one kind or another. This entire week has been devoted to dyeing up a whole lot of yarn. I have been very busy and so that is the only excuse I can give.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More site seeing in Eureka Springs and a trip to Little Bo Peep's

We got to do a little more site seeing in Eureka Springs, took the trolley all through the historic district. It was so incredible driving up and down the streets lined with beautiful Victorian homes. We decided to get off at the Crescent Hotel and walked around the fantastic and very well manicured grounds. Emily said she absolutely did not want to stay in that Hotel but after seeing it in person she has changed her mind. Next trip to Eureka we will try to get a room here.

After our day of touring Eureka Springs we went to the The Great Passion Play. Just before the play we were walking around the grounds and saw a little bunny so I had to snap a picture. Can you find the little bunny? It's right next to the light pole, I was very surprised at how close he let us get.

OK now for some knitting related content.
What a great name for a yarn shop huh!
This shop is so cozy and comfortable I really enjoyed my time there. Wish I could have sat and knit for a while. I did get to meet some of the regulars to the shop and what a great bunch of women.
Now doesn't that look inviting. This is just the front room of the shop, there are 2-3 more rooms filled with yarn and antiques. Michelle, the owner, is a delightful woman with a lot of enthusiasm and also is a beginning spinner can't wait to see what she makes next. I am also pleased to announce the soon Tempted will be one of the yarns in her shop, I am really looking forward to working with her. I hope I will get to visit every once in a while too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 2

Not the best pic but it was taken during the beautiful thunderstorm.
Really enjoyed our trip through Onyx Cave.
Downtown Eureka Springs. For all of the other Ghost Hunter fans out there the large building at the top is the Crescent Hotel. The important part is that I climbed a 100 ft tall tower to get this picture. I had to really focus to get back down, I am a little afraid of heights I think. My legs are killing me but it was worth it.
We also took a ride on the 'Belle of the Ozarks' on Beaver Lake. Doesn't she look beautiful!!

Yarn store Tomorrow, she closed within a few minutes of us finding a parking spot and the sign says it will be open again in the morning.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

On the Road

I just had to share how lovely the drive was. Through the rolling hills of Missouri and Arkansas.
I wish this picture could do justice to how wonderful the atmosphere was here. Just below this about 50 ft and I mean below (a straight drop off) is an amphitheater with live bands playing.
This is the view from the balcony of the hotel. Incredible!!
Amongst the trees is a walking path, again from the balcony of the hotel.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday surprises and more Farmgirl goodies

Looky what I got in the mail today!! From the always wonderful L-B (same L-B in the always amazing Wendy Knits blog). I got Apple Butter, lavender bath salt, a Good Day Button and my favorites the Lavender wand made from lavender grown in L-B's garden and the wrist warmers she knit from my yarn.
If that wasn't enough she had a bunch of goodies for Emily too. A book from Historical Williamsburg, a copy of the Constitution and 2 lavender wands. She and Emily have become good friends over at Ravelry, can't tell you how wonderful that is to me. L-B is just a truly amazing woman and I am so proud to be able to call her friend. Thank you L-B for making me so happy today!!

There has been knitting, I am working on the Wendy Knits 'Nanner Socks'. Pictures soon.

Went out to the garden yesterday morning and had to snap a few pics to show.

Wild Blackberries growing right along the fence.
We have Zucchini's!! Those little suckers are hard to find sometimes.
Find the Corn. Last year the raccoons really got to eat a lot of good corn, this year I am really hoping that we end up with some for ourselves.

Finally a beautiful Oklahoma Sunrise...*oh what a Beautiful Morning... Oh what a Beautiful Day... I got a beautiful feeling everythings going my way* Hey Del does that remind you of a song???

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Farmgirl stuff!!

Wooo Hooo got my Farm girl books in the mail and both are signed, isn't that nice. I am really enjoying reading ummmmm well browsing them anyway.
I also got 2 beautiful aprons in from an Etsy seller Boojiboo boutique . I absolutely love them. I really will hate to get them dirty.
Since Kaye and Del stood me up on Tuesday LOL, I had to go track them down and see where I found them! Just sitting around lounging at the Lake. In all honesty they did invite me over and they also fed me so I can't complain, although Kaye tried to keep one of my books. lol

Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Too Yummy not to share

5:44 am and what on earth am I doing awake? I have no idea, wish it was because I am an early riser, hop out of bed and get tons of stuff done. Sadly this is not the case.

I do have lots to share. First if you don't know me I love Red!! I have red hair, a red couch, if it comes in red that's the one I will get. Last week I broke down and bought a RED Blackberry Curve, so far not so bad. I know I will love it but at the moment I am having some technical difficulties, it will not sync up with my computer.

I have been doing a lot of dyeing and have a lot more to do. I am working on an order for TLE this time it is Merino/Cashmere Top. I cannot express how absolutely delicious it is. It takes the dye beautifully, the color is so wonderful but the feel is just heavenly.
Doesn't this look like Crayons? Yes the red is "Emergency" as seen recently on Wendy Knits. The other colors are "Into the blue", "Enlightenment", "Emergency" and "Secret Garden".

Another attempt to get a decent pic of the 'Emergency'. The picture on Etsy looks horrible and I just can't get them not to look orangey. I assure you that they are a very nice RED, and I am very picky about my Reds.

"Foliage Glam"
I have been taking orders for this one in fact I am more then happy to take orders on almost everything. I don't charge extra for a special orders and they always get filled before I re-stock my Etsy page. If there is something that you have been waiting to show up on the Etsy page by all means send me an email at and I will be happy to add you to the list of special orders. You can always specify which yarn you want it in Good(100% sw merino), Bad(80% sw merino 20% nylon) or Glam(with the silver).

My 2 buddies stood me up this week. Really they are both out at the lake and I am sure having a great time. If I get a bunch done this morning I may go head over there and crash their little party. Really they did invite me.

My last post told you about the new little group I have joined, headed up by the always awesome Miss Violet. Since many of you have seen the pics of our garden you know I am a Farmgirl but this is more about the spirit and attitude of a Farmgirl and not about living on a farm. Farms are not necessary. If you think you might have an inner Farmgirl click the link to the Henhouse on the right and check it out.